6 Things you Do as A Job Hunter That Reduces Your chances of Being Hired

6 Things Job Hunters Do That Ruin Their Chances At Interviews

Quite frankly, not many things can successfully compare to the feeling you get just after landing the dream job you’ve been hunting for a long period of time after graduation . You should Consider those tough rounds of interview you probably did pass through before successfully getting the job and your feelings of appreciation and joy increases.

That being said however, it is important you note that at times some sections of interviews you attend  might prove quite tricky to circumvent and might not be an easy workout considering the fact you might be unknowingly  putting measures in place to sabotage your efforts.

Things goes without saying that you’re better off without saying or even doing certain things. Interestingly, there is an appropriate things do that need to be  done  if you want those interviewing you to have about you and at same time if you want to make a lasting impression at your interview.

Thank Goodness you came across this article, so With the help you get here, you’ll be able to see exactly how some newly inexperienced young job seekers reduce their chances of landing or getting their dream jobs. Hopefully, they’ll steer you in the right direction as regards landing your dream job.

  • Going About The Interview Like a Q&A Session

Having successfully landed the interview, you then proceed to adequately prepare for it.

However, there is a possibility that you might over prepare for the interview, committing to memory so many unnecessary details and thus lose track of the main thing. Preparing is obviously a good first step.

However, it is not advisable to spend the entire preparation period pondering on what makes you suitable for the job.

Your goal should be to build an engagement with the interviewer. Delve into details rather than mechanically providing straight answers for the questions you’ll be asked. Don’t forget that work place relationships are very essential. Thus, it is highly likely that the interviewer is gauging how easy it is to converse with you.

  • Awkward Timing While Arriving At Interviews

It is common knowledge to always arrive early for interviews. While this is true in essence, it’s probably best that you don’t arrive at the venue too early. Timing is very essential especially if your own interview would require the interviewer to set up and utilize certain tools. Thus, it might not be very wise to show up before them or at other times scheduled for other candidates.

An awkward timing may just ruin your chances at the interview. Ideally, you should try to arrive at the venue ten or fifteen minutes before your slated time. You arriving say an hour before time and of course some minutes after is bad timing.

  • Springing Up The Salary Talk Too Soon

A whole lot of potential workers are usually solely interested in what they’re going to earn in their new establishment. Actually, there’s no problem because there is really no one that wants to work without being remunerated.

Salary is after all one of the ways effort and labour can be rewarded. However, you bringing up salary talks too quickly into the interview will most likely dampen your chances in the interview.

What you can do instead is prove to your interviewer that you will be an excellent fit for the company. You know why there’s no need to hurry, every interview usually contains a session that covers salaries and other remuneration packages.

  • Not Putting Your Phone On Silent

You have all the time in the world to use your phone so sacrificing the few interview hours to put it on silent should not be a big deal. Simply put, you don’t need it at that time.

Failure to do this is actually one of the more popular ways potential employees ruin their chances of getting the job. Furthermore, failure to this says that you lack respect for the interview process and by extension your interviewer.

Paying adequate attention to details and familiarizing yourself with the organization’s policies would do you a great deal of good here. Lastly, putting your phone on silent or even switching it off entirely will ensure that you remain focused on what is at hand.

  • Lack Of Knowledge About The Company/ Job Roles

Reading this, you might being to wonder if there is really anyone out there that is guilty of this. Interestingly, some interviewees might forget some vital details about the organization even up to the kind of business they are into.

When quizzed about it, they usually only end up mumbling incoherent words. The same most often applies to the roles they are being interviewed for. In order to avoid this kind of embarrassment, it is best you have adequate knowledge about the company as well as the role you’re applying for.

  • Putting Your Focus On The Wrong Things

Some interviewees ruin their chances by hijacking the interview and making it all about themselves. Also in a bid to demonstrate their knowledge, they over explain issues that need only a brief response.

This is wrong, most especially when it leads you into saying something that is totally unnecessary to the process. Majority of your answers in the interview should be tailored around how your skills and competencies will be able to solve organizational problems.

Potential employees make the error of going on about how the job will be good for them. Instead of doing that, focus on what exactly you can bring to the organization.


As a job hunter, it’ll be in your best interest to demonstrate what you can bring to the organization should you eventually be hired. You want to drastically bolster your chances of landing your dream job? Then avoid these things!

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