After getting your Jamb 2023/2024 E pin what next

In my last article i shared an interesting article about list of banks that sells jamb E pin.

I found out that so many jamb candidates are having a hard time locating banks that sells the pin.

Banks that sells jamb E pin

After writing and sharing that piece of information a lot of candidates where able to buy their jamb E pin without stress.

Now what i observed is that most candidates after buying the pin they seems to get stocked not knowing what to do.

We if you belong to these categories of people then this guide will be of help to you.

What next after buying/getting jamb E pin


Once you have purchased the jamb E pin what comes next is to visit the nearest accredited jamb offices nationwide.

Once you get there, tell them you want to do your jamb registration, give them all necessary details they ask for.

Should in case you are having any problems with your pin code from jamb read some guides below

how to retrieve lost jamb profile code

how to login to your Jamb profile

how to create a jamb profile code

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you will be

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