Butterfly sewing machine prices in Nigeria 2022|see price list

Butterfly sewing machine prices in Nigeria 2022 |see price list

We often hear most Nigerians ask “how much is butterfly sewing machine in Nigeria?” “how much is industrial sewing machine in Nigeria? ” how much is fairly used sewing machine in Nigeria
So in this article we are going to give you the prices of sewing machine in Nigeria, we got a price list below, just continue reading…
Butterfly sewing machine prices in Nigeria |see price list

Sewing machine

A device that looks like a Sewing machine was first invented by Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal in the year 1755, that’s about 245 year ago lol. Ever since then various brands of sewing machines have flooded the market.

Are you a fashion designer or you deal in different types of assorted sewing machine? Probably it’s been long you bought one last and you desperately want to know how much each butterfly sewing machine sells in the market, then this guide is for you.

We know that prices fluctuate on daily basis most especially now that we are really hit with inflation which has made prices of almost everything gone up from the usual spot they were before .

Butterfly sewing machine

You will all agree with me that the butterfly sewing machine remains not only the best but the most rugged type of machine in the market since ages. In fact almost all tailors , fashion designers own one or more butterfly sewing machines.

Types of butterfly sewing machine you will find in the market today:

butterfly manual sewing machine:

you can find this type of sewing machine in almost every fashion designers shop in Nigeria, they mostly come with wheel which helps to fasten the process of sewing each and every fabric material. Although i have seen some tailor who prefer to attach an electric motor/ device on the wheel of the machine.

butterfly electric sewing machine:

If you actually want to decrease the amount of manual sewing work in clothing or even eliminate it completely then you should stick with the electric sewing machine because it’s more faster than the manual sewing machine.

Industrial butterfly sewing machine:

This type of butterfly sewing machine is used to sew cloths on a large scale because it’s more faster than other type of sewing machine. In fact most times it requires more hands as opposed the manual sewing machine which requires only one operator at a time.

What you should consider first before buying a sewing machine :

  1. Consider your need first : will it be for personal use only or the purpose of buying the machine is far bigger and larger than the former? If your client are few and there is no much possibility of an increase in demand then you can go for either the manual or an electronic type but if your job will require you to sew for a longer period of time then you should plan on getting the industrial type.
  2. Check out the functionality: some sewing machines have other functionalities aside from just the regular job of sewing cloths, some have the capacity to stitch your cloths, weave them properly with out you going out to spend more money for that.
  3. Manual vs electrical sewing machines :

Always have it in mind that you will need 24/7 electricity supply to operate a butterfly electric sewing machine, if your area don’t have electricity supply and you don’t have the much needed finance to get a bigger generating set then you can settle for the manual type

Prices of sewing machines in Nigeria as at today :

In this section we are going to list the prices of Butterfly sewing machines in Nigeria. We are going to present the price in a tabular form.

Product Price Range
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (3-drawer) ₦70,000 – ₦75,000
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (3-drawer) with electric motor ₦78,000 – ₦80,000
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (2-drawer) ₦68,000 – ₦70,000
Butterfly domestic sewing machine model JA2-1 (2-drawer) with electric motor ₦ 72,000 – ₦75,000
Butterfly multifunctional sewing machine mid Jh8190s ₦50,000 – ₦55,000

This article shall be updated in due time.
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