Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer? 2023/2024

Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer? how to – 

since jamb dump the paper type that is familiar with candidates there has been a lot of controversy surrounding jamb CBT exams.
how to write jamb with out knowing how to operate computer
We have received series of questions from candidates who don’t really know how a CBT exams looks like.

can i write jamb exam without knowing how to operate computer? how can pass jamb without knowing computer operation?

jamb has acknowledged the fact that over 70% of jamb candidates are still nervous about computer base testing that was why they brought up optional mock exams, which allow jamb candidates who wish to practice and know how the real jamb exam looks and feel like should opt for.

Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer?


Now back to the main question Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer?yes a candidate who don’t have a perfect knowledge on how the computer runs can still write JAMB.

You are not going there to do any work rather than just to click and select options that are presented to you in objectives series.

first try to under how to handle a computer mouse and how to move it around then finally on how to click on objects on the system… that’s all you need to know, you don’t necessarily need to go to a computer school before you can write jamb exams.

lastly you need to learn about jamb 8 keys which are A,B,C,D,P,N,S and R. I think I have seen a video on YouTube that tries to explain something like that, don’t worry i will ask permission from the owner of the video before sharing the link here.

Jamb 8 Keys To Use For 2020/2021 CBT
I will try as much as possible to explain the keys to you but there are some resource online that still explain it.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. P
  6. N
  7. S
  8. R

since jamb objectives runs from A to D, Jamb provided this selection keys to easily allow you select your preferred answers.

A. if you press A it show that’s the correct answer you have chosen

B. the same thing goes for B. if the answer is B click on B.

C. clicking on C means you have indicated that C is your answer

D. shows its the answer

jamb special keys

P. (backward/previous) . this simple means previous, maybe you forgot to answer a question or you want to cross check all you have previously answered you use P to go back

N (Next/forward). N is self explanatory, once you are done with a section what comes up next is N. once you press this key the system will load more questions.

S. this mean submit, when you are done just click on S.

R. you can use R to undone or delete what you have entered before.

Hope this is helpful to you? don’t worry i will get a video to explain it very well in a language you all will understand.

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  1. Okonkwo Kingsley

    Ok thank you for this information, at first I was scared that without knowing the computer it would be impossible to write but now I’m relieved, thank you

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