courses offered in NDU 2023/2024 admission requirements

courses offered in NDU  admission requirements |list of accredited courses offered in the Niger Delta University (NDU)

The Niger Delta University is an institution that is located on an island known as the Wilberforce Island. It current location is in Bayelsa State.

NDU accredited courses offered

The institution came into existence when the late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, ex governor of Bayelsa State seeks the support from the state house of assembly to establish the institution in 2000. As you can see the Niger Delta University (NDU) is a very young institution.

Before planning on whether to choose NDU as your first or second choice or which ever, have you tired to check if the institution offers that particular course that is on your mind? Have you tried to find out if the institution is accredited to run that program or you just feel less concerned?
Please don’t ever joke with these questions that we have asked you. Any mistake you make now might come back to hunt you but God forbid it shall never be your portion.

Faculties and accredited Courses offered in NDU

1 Accounting
2 Banking & Finance
3 Insurance
4 Management
5 Marketing
6 Office Information Management
1 Agriculture
2 Fisheries
1 English and Literature Studies
2 History and Diplomacy
3 Philosophy
4 Religious Studies
5 Theatre Arts
1 Medical Laboratory Science
2 Nursing Science
1 Adult and Community Education
2 Agricultural Education
3 Automobile Technology Education
4 Building Technology Education
5 Business Education
6 Education Biology
7 Education Chemistry
8 Education Economics
9 Education English
10 Education Geography
11 Education History
12 Education Mathematics
13 Education Political Science
14 Education Religious Studies
15 Educational Management
16 Electrical & Electronic Technology


17 Guidance & Counseling
18 Health Education
19 Human kinetics
20 Integrated Science
21 Metal Work Technology Education
22 Social Studies
23 Woodwork Technology Education
24 Accounting Education
25 Education French
26 Marketing Education
1 Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
2 Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering
3 Civil Engineering
4 Electrical/Electronics Engineering
5 Marine Engineering
6 Mechanical Engineering
7 Petroleum Engineering
1 Fine and Applied Arts
1 Law
1 Medicine and Surgery
1 Pharmacy
1 Biochemistry
2 Biology
4 Computer Science
5 Geology
6 Mathematics
7 Microbiology
8 Physics
9 Pure & Applied Chemistry
3 Botany
10 Zoology
1 Economics
2 Geography
3 Political Science
4 Sociology

The above are list of courses that the Niger Delta University offers, the ball is now in your court. Don’t forget to do your due diligence about all we have taken time to write here.
If you noticed any error on our part please don’t hesitate to call us to order let’s rectify it.

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  1. Ogbonna, Vincent

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    Do you offer Animal and environmental biology under Biological sciences?
    Because i scored 179 in 2020 Jamb, can i be admitted?

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