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How To Know If Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

Since she launched her clothes selling business two years ago, Chioma Ebube has tried all sorts of social media “tricks” to help create awareness, and hopefully, improve sales. 

She is on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and even Snapchat. At the onset it seemed to be working well, but in recent times, her enthusiasm has waned with falling traffic to her multiple platforms. 

Now, she is at a crossroads. If, like Chioma, you’ve written out your social media strategy with the steps you’ll take and the goals you want to achieve, how do you determine the impact you’re having?

These are just five of the many ways you can determine your strategy’s impact.

1. Vanity Metrics

While they’re not the highlight of your results, vanity metrics can help you quickly and easily see whether your activity is working. When you gain fans and followers, see more “Likes,” “favorites,” “shares,” and “re-tweets,” you can tell that what you’re publishing is drawing in interest.

Measure these metrics, and keep an eye on what types of content you’re sharing is bringing in the most interaction. You’ll learn what content works best and what period has the most activity.

2. Sales

After sharing on social media, ask your sales department staff whether they see an increase in activity on their end. Request they reach out to interested parties, asking how the person found out about your company.

If you learn that new customers are reaching out based on your social media activity, you’ll have evidence that your strategy is working, and your sales staff will appreciate it.

3. Website Traffic
Do you use Google Analytics to measure your website activity? Did you know this service can show you how social media plays a role in your website traffic?
In Google Analytics, you can set it up so you can see where your traffic is coming from. If you have visitors coming directly from your social media accounts, you’ll know that they were interested in you based on your activity.

4. Workload
Although you might question whether this is a good thing, you will see an increase in your workload if your social strategy is working.
More users will want to reach out to you on social media, you’ll have a bigger audience to respond to and interact with. You might even need to hire more staff to handle this workload - but that’s a good thing.

A larger workload means a higher interaction rate with your social presence. A higher interaction rate means your strategy is working.

5. ROI
Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to prove the return on investment (ROI) of your social media strategy. Your company leaders will want to see whether social media is money well-spent.

If your strategy is working, you’ll have the evidence you need to prove ROI. Your vanity metrics are a great introduction, but using deeper metrics and analytics can really drive your point across.

These five pieces of evidence can help you see the impact your hard work and strategy is having for your company.
Measure them and you’ll know whether your strategy is working.

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