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Ever since our independence in 1960, one of the major challenges that has confronted us as a nation is finding an equitable balance between the many ethnic groups that make up the nation called Nigeria.

This challenge led the leaders of the country to come up with what is known as the quota system; a formula that will ensure equal representation amongst the sub groups in federal affairs.

This has been applied in matters affecting Federal appointments and employment despite the realities of dire employment prospects in the country.

Today, millions of Nigeria youth whether educated or not troop to sites like NetBet Sport as gaming is fast becoming a viable option to earn income in the face of serious unemployment in the land.

The limited employment opportunities whether in the federal or state institutions and private establishment have not been enough to accommodate the millions of graduates seeking employment in the country.

The tragedy of this situation is even more glaring when some people who are more qualified for a role are left jobless and those who barely meet the prescribed criteria are given the job simply because their places have been reserved by the virtue of quota system allocation.

So how does quota system work to benefits Nigeria?

In the federal employment system for example, each state of the federation is allotted a number of slots to be filled by candidates from that state. This simply means that no matter your qualification,

once the number of slots allocated to your state is exhausted, you may never have the chance of being employed that year despite the fact that there are some states that will eventually filled candidates that are less qualified than you are.

Another problem is that top officials in the various establishments give out the available slots to their candidates irrespective of the qualifications of those applying for the position.

While the intention of the government with the quota system is a noble one, the result has been a gross misappropriation and abuse of privileges.

The quota system over the years has breed inefficiency in federal work force, it has denied the civil service of quality hands and brains that would have brought in professionalism and innovation at a time when the rest of the world are moving forward using the best human resources at their disposal.

The prospect of any graduate getting a job in the federal civil service or any other federal establishment in Nigeria is like a camel going through the eye of a needle as underscored by the not too distant Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment debacle where a 60,000 sitter capacity stadium in Abuja was filled to overflowing with applicants joggling for 4,800 job openings.

The result was a stampede of catastrophic proportion. The total number of applicant for that year was 128,000 across the federation. At the end, some even lost their lives in the process of getting a job that was never going to be theirs in the first place.

This is the reality that confronts the Nigeria job seeker who is hopeful of getting employment in a federal establishment.

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