How to contact trader moni agent in Nigeria (trader moni network) 2023/2024

How to contact trader moni agent in Nigeria (trader moni network) |see their activation route plan  see coordinator

Most prospective trader moni beneficiaries are really finding it difficult to locate the agent or enumerators in their various states.

Trader moni

hope you know you can still apply for the loan your self with out an agent? We understand that not everyone knows how to go about that.

Let’s just show you how to locate trader moni agent then in our next article we shall update you on how to apply successfully with out an agent.

You should recall that trader moni is just a federal government social reinvestment programs that aims at helping petty traders stand on their feet through the provision of short term loans ranging from 10,000,20,000,50,000 and 100,000.
This loan are expected to be repay back within a period of 6 months and the payments method is 430 naira per week.

The above method was designed to make it easy for traders to pay with little difficulties.

See Trader moni activation route plan


The trader moni activation route plan will alert you on the movement of trader moni agents. Hope you know that trader moni agents are not static all the time they are mobile, they move from place to place to enlighten the public on the need to join the program.

I want to access trader moni activation route plan

Those who are searching for trader moni coordinators in their respective state can now do that with little effort by following our recommendation below

Those who have been asking of the link to successfully access the trader moni activation route plan should see it here

See how to contact trader moni coordinator in your state

  • You can contact them online which makes everything simple and easy
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet, then quickly go to
  • Carefully search for your zone like South East, South South, North East, North Central, North West.
  • Now search for your state.
  • Now a list of phone numbers to call and their respective name will be displayed.
  • Copy it and call them

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