“It’s not all about right or wrong, it’s all about how you perceive”

Rupal Asodaria

A fun fact about a place of work is that it consists of various kinds of people with different beliefs and work ethics.

Your colleagues possess attitudes that could be toxic even to you or the client and they will frustrate sometimes, consciously, other times unconsciously.

Hence, they tend to do things that threaten to kill your positive vibes and high spirits. Oftentimes, it could be something as inanimate as your computer or laptop at work trying to steal your joy, peace and drown you in pessimism.

However, in the end, the world is whatever you make of it. Hence, you can choose to leave your office with the same or higher levels of positive vibes than when you arrived at the office.

This decision can and will go a long way in ensuring productivity at work as it creates a much happier work environment.

By practicing these simple steps below, you too can maintain a great positive vibe at work that can help you successfully navigate through workplace madness and, in the long run, could help climb up the career ladder faster and quicker than expected.

Because, in the end, positivity boosts employee wellness, and employee wellness leads to maximum productivity from your workers if properly utilized.

  1. Show Gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful tool in the game of staying and being positive. Monks and spiritual expert can’t overemphasize the essence of gratitude to the universe which entails being grateful for the little things you have and do not have. Apparently, this has a way of keeping us humble, content and positive. Channeling this same energy to the works space makes the work space quite conducive for you and your colleagues. Spread gratitude at your workplace by complementing your colleagues. It could be on their attitude or dedication to work or their appearance etc. Also, you could try to spread random acts of kindness to maintain positive vibes at the office. Drop an appreciation note on your colleague’s desk or on your boss’ desk. You could also offer to help a colleague reduce their workload if you’re less busy that is and it seems to be weighing down their mood.
  2. Build a positive relationship with Co-workers. Okay, hold up! this doesn’t mean you should get all clingy with your co-worker and attempt to force friendships that are just not there. Quite a lot of people do not believe in having close friends at work because they “do not mix business with pleasure” and that’s just fantastic. However, this doesn’t stop you from having a friendly and good back and forth with your colleague. Note, the tip is to be “friendly” with your colleagues not “friends”. You could tease them a little about something and allow them also tease you, share a funny joke at the office etc. This improves the workplace environment thereby reducing stress in the process.
  3. Reward yourself for your accomplishment. It is easy for us to just look down on or not count the fact that we successfully finished a task or a project as a big deal. However, it would be nice to give yourself a pat in the back every time you conclude a task and tick off a goal off your to-do list or conclude a project. You can do this by buying yourself a medium to large pizza, treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner or a new movie. In the same vein, when you make mistakes and aren’t able to achieve a goal, do not beat yourself up about it. You might get angry but do not allow this anger settle deep and get rid of it quickly. In fact, rather than get angry at yourself and beat yourself up, channel that energy into re-evaluating the situation, laughing at and learning from your mistakes. A wise man once said, “We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our success”.
  4. Smile More. No, this doesn’t make you look crazy; it improves your mood and makes you feel better. Have a little smile steal the corner of your lips every time you’re heading to the toilet or the kitchen. Throw a smile at a colleague or a client and be ready to give a hearty laugh at even the least funniest jokes. This way, you maintain and improve a happy, positive vibe in the office.

In conclusion:

spreading positive vibes boils down to how you decide to handle whatever life throws at you. This is because whether or not you decide to be happy, you would encounter circumstances and people that wouldn’t have to try so hard to cart away your positive vibes in a casket. In other words, positivity and light should never be dependent on anything or anyone but on you.

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