How to Use Jamb Past Questions To Score 350+ in

How to Use Jamb Past Questions To Score 350+ in 2023/2024

Let’s show you how to use jamb past questions and answers to score 300 + in the coming  jamb exams.

You can apply this technique in all jamb subjects be it use of english language, Physics , Chemistry , Economics , Government , Geography, literature in English, Mathematics, commerce, religion, Arabic etc

Let me make it clear again, past questions and answers remains the only alternative as jamb has shut down all access to runs, expo or malpractice.
Jamb past questions and answers to score 300+
The importance of jamb past questions and answers can not be overemphasized, the earlier jamb candidates come to terms with this the better for them.

If you can study jamb past questions and answers in the right way then 300+ is your honestly.

Note: please while studying past questions make sure you keep your text books beside you and don’t take most of the answers there as final, still dig in with your text books to not only know but to understand how the question comes about.

Commandments To Use Jamb Past Questions that will work

If you want to use past questions and answers to pass  jamb exams then you must get all past questions from 1984 to 2014 or 2015.

  1. Make sure all questions that are asked are perfectly understood flip through your text books to get perfect answers. Because we understand that jamb now twist questions just to confuse candidates
  2. Endeavor to always practice with jamb past questions and answers, any where you get confused just find someone is above you academically to help you.
  3. Attempt to solve All calculative questions. Get a notebook and practice how to solve them step by step
  4. Dont ever skip or avoid any questions no matter how simple it is try as possible as you can to understand them.
  5. Ask someone to set some random questions from jamb questions and answers and attempt to answer them without looking at the text book, by doing this you will know how far you have gone in practicing.

I have been a living witness of the wonders of past questions and answers,in my tutorial center what i use in teaching my students are just past questions. After each classes i make sure that assignment are given to them randomly from past everyday for a period of two months.

I was really amazed From the results i got from them in 2018,2017 and 2016 jamb, because at first in 2015 I thought that jamb past questions won’t work for cbt, I thought that jamb would do away with all past questions but i was wrong.

So I implore you to follow same steps like them, replicate our success stories in your life academically and see what will happen

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