Jamb 2023/2024 miracle expo/ special Center / cbt exam update

Jamb 2023/2024 miracle expo/ special Center / cbt exam update

Thousands of 2023/2024 jamb candidates have been asking me if there is special center for  jamb.

I have seen countless of jamb candidates who said they want to write their exams in special ways center, some are even asking if it will be possible to change their center to another center where everything happens

In this article you will find out if jamb expo or special centers are still in existence, if yes we will also list places where you can find them

Jamb  special center /expo Center


Jamb special centers or miracle expo centers are Specializes places where everything happens.

Here candidates are help to perfect their way into having high score.

In short in most miracle centers in invigilators are handsomely paid so as to give ways to candidates to write.

Is jamb special centers still in existence?

Before the introduction of cbt, we have what is called the paper type in which answers are sent from Abuja down to the examination halls all over Nigeria.

Well then it was easy to distribute answers to candidates because questions paper where easily open by those who transport them down to states across Nigeria.

We saw rise of different individuals who specialize in distribution of answers via Facebook and other blogs.

Most centers even distribute the answers a day before the exam, Jamb answers was really easy to get because there were no tight measures in place then.

With the introduction of jamb cbt exams everything changed.

Jamb exams are no longer written in school that is no well protected, in fact all centers where asked to sign an agreement with jamb and of a truth they are all monitored.

Any jamb center that fails to comply with all directives from jamb are usually blacklisted.

Jamb has introduced new measures to check fraud and expo in any form.
They have been able to install security cameras at every cbt centers which also transmit daily happening to their control room in Abuja.

Is Jamb Expo Center Still Possible?

Due to the strict measures jamb board has put in place, it’s unlikely that jamb expo Center/miracle center can operate successfully.

Each year after jamb exams, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB usually send officials to close down cbt centers they suspected to have tried to manipulate things. Some where blacklisted why others where temporarily ban.

As at today No CBT center will like to risk their investments and accreditation for expo.

Jamb Expo: What Is The Way Forward for now ?

The only way forward is for you to depend on your self,don’t depend on anyone.

TRY as much as you can to study your books, never play with jamb past questions and answers for all subjects.
Also look for updated jamb syllabus and read along with your text books.

There is nothing like jamb expo Centers right now. Jamb have become wiser and are even deploying more technology to check against fraud

  • Introduction of security cameras in all centers
  • Only accredited centers can conduct exams
  • Introduction of finger print capturing
  • Live monitoring of activities in all centers from jamb control room in Abuja

With the above measure any one that still try to circumvent the existing rules will be crush

Always be vigilant and always guard you self against any form of fraud

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