jamb admission list 2022/2023 status checker on Direct portal|CAPS

jamb admission list 2022/2023/jamb admission status checker|JAMB Admission list|How do I check my admission status for  ?

Has jamb started giving out admission for 2022/2023 academic session? I want to check my admission status on jamb admission list, How do I check my admission status for 2022/2023?

In this article you will learn how to check your JAMB Admission Status On Jamb admission list.
We are going to give you two steps to effectively check your names on jamb admission list 2022/2023.

Who is eligible to check the JAMB Admission list 2022/2023


First this page was written down for the 2022/2023 JAMB candidates who want to check their JAMB Admission status, that does not meant that candidates of previous years can’t check their admission status.
If you are a Direct Entry candidates
If you are a UTME candidate this page will be useful to you.

How to Check JAMB Admission Status 2022/2023

Based on the directive from jamb it is a must for all individuals who want to check their admission status on jamb to have an account with jamb. If you don’t have a profile with jamb it won’t take you less than 3 minutes 9o create your jamb profile now.

Now that you have successfully created your jamb profile you can now continue with the process of checking if you have been offered admission or not.

  1. To kick start checking your name on jamb admission list through
  2. jamb admission status checker you have to log on to jamb.org.ng/efacility
check your name on jamb admission list
  • You have to log into your personal jamb profile account, with the username and password you have chosen while creating the profile , click the login button so that the system will grant you permission.
  • Now look for ‘Check Admission Status‘ and click on it, it can be found when you scroll down.
  • Select your exam year on the drop down menu, also input your correct jamb registration number in the space provided.
  • All you have to do finally is to click on “Check Admission Status”
check your name on jamb admission list

Congratulations hope it’s not that stressful?

2nd way How To Check Jamb Admission Status Online/jamb admission list 2022/2023

  1. Log on to the jamb http://jamb.org.ng/efacility
  2. You have to login (hope you remember your login details?)
  • Immediately the system grant you access,under the menu look for CAPS click it, then wait for the system to redirect to CAPS page.
  • If the above is a little confusing, you can just scroll down to DE/UTME admission status and click on it.

If you are on a mobile browser, the page won’t display well, you will only get a “welcome” message. At this point make sure you change your browser settings to mobile view.

  • Once the browser changes to PC View click on ‘Admission Status’. Your admission status will be displayed to you.

Please don’t forget to accept your admission or reject it, based on your preferences.

Request Desktop Version of Website on Chrome for Android to check jamb admission list 2022/2023.

  • Lunch your chrome browser.
  • Visit the jamb E facility page, login with your details.
  • Look at the picture we presented here and tap on the 3 dot Chrome icon, located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • From the drop down list you can now request for a desktop view.

I have been offered admission what next?

Those that have seen their names on jamb admission status via jamb admission list need to finally accept their admission but first we have to congratulate you for this feet, but all is not over yet, you should follow the next step to accept your admission.

I have not been offered admission what next?

You don’t have to panic because your name is not on jamb admission list now. Have it in mind that jamb is still uploading names of candidates who have been cleared while on the other hand most institution are still compiling list of successful candidates. It might be that your name is on the next list that is billed to be sent to jamb now, go about your normal duty your admission is on the way.

Note: unlike before where you have to wait for 2 years before you can print your admission letter, you can now access your jamb admission letter instantly you have been offered admission into an institution.
Please remember that you need to print your admission letter alongside.

Special information:

All  JAMB candidates that are awaiting their O level results should as a matter of time upload their results on jamb portal. We believe that everyone had gotten his or her results / statement of account by now. If yes then you must upload them now.

Jamb gives 200,000 JAMB candidates admission for 2021 academic session

It will be recalled that the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb has said that it’s has given admission to about 200,000 candidates this was made known by Fabian Benjamin who is the Head, Media and Information of JAMB.

He made this known to the press, he also urge all candidates who were offered admission to quickly accept the admission or else they stand a chance to lose it to other candidates who are standing by.

Where can i download jamb admission list from?

The 2020 jamb admission list can only be found or downloaded from JAMB portal located at http://jamb.org.ng/efacility, you will need your email address and correct password to access this service from JAMB.

How to Check  JAMB Result Online.

  1. Visit this link http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility
  2. Now you require to type in your email address and password in the space provided.
  3. Now sign in, wait for few seconds. 
  4. Now click Check “2021 UTME Examination Results”. Wait for 2 minutes for jamb portal to load.
  5. Your result or score will be displayed to you. 

Did you see your result? If no and you get this message which says “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet” click here for solution

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  1. Okoli Onyeka Micheal

    I tried checking my admission status with both jamb portal and the school’s portal but it’s saying ‘no admission given yet’ why?

  2. kabiru mohammed baka

    i have been trying to check my admission status on jamb portal, but i only see admission in progress please check back later., please is there any problem?

  3. Ochonu comfort ene

    Please will jamb still offer admission to candidate.cause mine is still showing not yet admitted what will I do now am panicking.

  4. Ochonu comfort ene

    Please will jamb still offer admission to candidate.cause mine is still showing not yet admitted. Am panicking.

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