Vigilanty group help in combating Bokoharam

The civilian JTF are mostly underemployed or those who ate without job but opted to help the federal government tackle bokoharam. They help the military various ways which are not limited to information sharing alone.

Although they risk their lives in making sure that the rest of the country men and women are safe, little has been done to really appreciate their efforts and will to help put a stop to continuous attack on women and children by the militant sect.

Of recent they have asked the federal government of Nigerian to provide them with enough resources, better welfare packages that will help boast their morale and help them in their operations in the North East of Nigeria.

“In Nigeria in particular, vigilantism did much to turn an anti-state insurgency into a bloodier civil war, pitting Boko Haram against communities and leading to drastic increases in violence,” the International Crisis Group, a think-tank, said.

More information about civilian JTF combating bokoharam:

Nigerian has always believed on self defence in the fight against internal crises no matter how complex they seems to appear.. The much talked about vigilanty group was formed around 2013 in maiduguri which is a state in North East Nigeria that has a border with Niger, Chad.

Weapon used by the vigilanty are mostly outdated weapon that are no match for sophisticated weapon carried by bokoharam. For an example cutlasses, bows and arrows, and rudimentary shotguns are the weapons used by this men.

Although they still have their ways of passing information across to the soldiers, like for example, hundreds of bokoharam militant has been captured as a result of tip of from the vigilanty group.

“Within one week, we secured the whole center of Maiduguri,” said Abba Aji Kalli, a 51-year-old accountant who is also CJTF’s state-wide coordinator. “The army were strangers but we live with Boko Haram in the same community, in the same neighborhood. We know who are the members of Boko Haram.”

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