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The Central Bank of Nigeria is offering more loans to small businesses and household consumers with the aim of tackling the negative effect of the pandemic on the economy.

If you are interested in the incentive package from the Government, it is advisable to read through this guidelines from A to Z.

The Covid-19 pandemic really dealt with the average Nigerians. We saw businesses shutting down and business activities coming to a standstill and all this has increased hardship for an average Nigerian.

This impact is so devastating, causing the economy to shrink resulting in multiple job losses as employers are reducing their staff strength just to remain afloat.Nirsal microfinance bank

For all those been left with no hope insight worry no more, there is help insight. The Government has come up with something promising for you guys ( business operators and household alike). Loan Registration 2021: Application Form


We bring to your notice that the Government has set aside 50 billion naira to run the Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) incentive package.

The 50 billion naira will be shared among those who are considered vulnerable and also businesss at the verge of collapsing.

This article seeks to enlighten households and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and households how to access this fund. portal has been activated, you can now signup for the programme and join the rest of Nigerian compete for a spot on the list of shortlisted candidate.

Applicants that got shortlisted at the end of the selection process will go home with a stipulated amount approved for him or her.

Please remember that eligible applicants could be households and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

To start the application process, first take a bold step by opening the application portal for the NMFB CBN Covid-19 loan by clicking and selecting the best category you are qualified to request for loan from

NMFB COVID 19 Loan Registration 2021 Eligibility and Requirements

Households: this are not business unit but rather the vulnerable people mostly affected by the pandemic. To qualify you should be able convince the team that your income has been impacted.

Micro enterprises: established businesses will also be required to provide valuable evidence that will serve as proof that their business is affected by the recent covid-19 pandemic.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs): small-medium businesses are also eligible for this loan. However, you should be able to show documentation on how sales or cash inflow was affected CBN Covid-19 Loan Application Guidelines 2021

There are various categories and they key of getting this loan approved lies on applying on the category that suits your business or you. Identify the category meant for small business, Micro enterprises or household.

Below are some useful links to enable you to access the site easily.

For household applicants – click

For Micro enterprises applicants – click

For SMEs applicants –

How to Apply for

Copy and paste the above url on your browser and apply immediately when the display page opens up.

How to Check Your TCF Loan Application Status on NMFB

To check, visit

Click on your application category (Household or SME)

Input your BVN to check the status

The recent statistics show that over 3,256 individuals and small businesses (Nigerians) have benefited from this government financial support led by CBN so as to reduce the impact of covid-19.

The number represented above is gotten from just the first batch that was qualified from the scheme. To this effect, more batches will be shortlisted as time goes on.

Lastly, we noticed that some are asking if this money is a grant or loan, please Note the fund is a loan and nothing more.

Beneficiaries will have to be prudent with the loan and channels it to what it was meant for so as to be able to repay back without stress.

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