Npower enhancement 2023 :You Will Proceed Into An Enhancement Programme

Npower enhancement  . :You Will Proceed Into An Enhancement Programme N-power Big Plan For 2016 Beneficiaries|starting date

Are you one of the 2016 Npower beneficiaries? If yes then there is a good news for you guys.
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The good news is that you all will be pushed or enhanced to a next level, while your stipend will also be reviewed upward.

In May, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo made this known to news agency of Nigeria. He went further to stress that the next stage of the program will be made better because it will be design to improve the well-being of all beneficiaries.

Could it be that the Federal government is planning to absorb you guys into the Civil service or just an increment in the stipend? Well let’s just wait only time will tell.

What is NPower enhancement programme :


The Npower enhancement programme is another level in which all the 2016 beneficiaries will be pushed to another level with much better pay and allowance.

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When will npower enhancement begin /starting date

The vice president hunted that the program will begin in 2022 If you are part of the 2016 beneficiaries just calm down and await the next directive or keep visiting this page for more information.

Is there any requirement for Npower enhancement programme  ?

There won’t be much requirement but we feel and believed that the only requirement that will be required from you, will be if you actually participate in the the Npower program.


The vice president gave a hint that the Npower enhancement programme will primarily focused on improving the standard of living of the average Nigerians, this means that we should all expect the best from them in this next stage.
This means that the usual 30,000 stipend might be increased a little further to probably 50,000.

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What’s your take on this?

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    1. Increasing the striplated pay to 50k is not what is important. Let pple have something to do no matter how small the pay is. Nigerians are used to poverty as we aren’t blessed with leaders

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