Npower September/October 2021 Stipend/salary delay and Enhancement Programme for Beneficiaries–special update

Npower September 2021 Stipend and Enhancement Programme for 2021 Beneficiaries–special update and September salary 

Hope you are aware that the Npower program has come to an end? Recall that the program was scheduled to last for just 2 years after that everything ends.

But we have a special update for all of you guys, so don’t panic that everything has not being going very smoothly for  the batches , in fact we have a good news for everyone of you guys out there.

Are you aware that you guys will be absorbed into the Npower enhancement program? in fact there is a plan on the way to make each and everyone of you guys participate in another program.

Reason for the delay in September 2021 you experience

With out the npower monthly stipend it will be difficult for you to meet up with your day to day expenses you incurred while on your assignment. The federal government understands this and they work all through the day to see to it that stipend and salaries are paid.

But on the other hand payment still have to pass through some bottleneck, due process that delays everything.This is one of the reasons you all experience late payments.

Banks need to first receive the soft copies of those who have been cleared to receive their monthly salary, before a hard copy need to be obtain by the bank for final disbursement. All this causes delay.

Although some applicants are having pending issues on their account which they will have to resolve. To this end you need to check your account and see if all is in order. Make sure you have completed all your verification

Note that the Federal executive council have to release or disburse allocation to each state on monthly. Through this channels the federal government will have to withdraw its funds allocated to its social programme

Npower team understand the pain you go through each day, the understand the pressure and we believe that your payment is next in line so just exercise a little patience.

Those who haven’t been paid since Npower programme came on board-

Are you aware that some beneficiaries have not been paid since the inception of this programme? Yes its that bad although majority of this people are at fault like they didn’t do proper verification.

To correct this you need to quickly rectify it by submitting a letter and the page that carries your full name on the selection list.

Ensure you report at your PPA this is the major culprit while you are experiencing this delay.

Another tips is that you should go to your bank to see your full name there, then log back to your dashboard to see if the names correspond. If there is discrepancy then write to your bank to change it. If you fail to do this you will experience delay in payments because government Will always think maybe someone want to defraud them

Npower salary for different states September 2021

From a reliable information we gather from an authorized sources, they assured us that payment will soon commence instantly but will be based on batches . Like Some some batches will first receive and this will follow by other batches irrespective of states of residence..

If you are experiencing any problems like constant delays in payment of stipend and you fall in the following states which we are going to list below. You need to make drastic measure to rectify this issues.

  1. Abia State
  2. Borno State
  3. Delta State
  4. Kaduna State
  5. Kano State
  6. Kastina State
  7. Kebbl State
  8. Lagos State
  9. Nasarawa State

Npower News updates 2021 |details on Npower Stipend September 2021 payment and salary

We are using this medium to address certain questions that are left unanswered. Let’s go.

When will Npower Team start paying batch 2 their salary and stipend?

This is a burning question in the mind of most batch 2 beneficiaries as they all want to know the exact date the payment will Commence.

Please note that the batch 1 will first receive their salary before batch 2. Please take note of this.
For the time being please ensure you have all your details like bank accounts up to date. This is necessary as to avoid any form of delay.


All those who have not received their full stipend should not lose hope as we have it on good authority that all the backlog payments will eventually be paid into your various accounts.

Don’t fail to mail the Npower support team for follow up.

Npower 2021 Delayed Stipends: Those on Payment hold

If your payment is not on hold but you have not received your salary, please be patient a little, Payment has to be release by the government from the federal ministry of finance, it will have to pass different process before a soft copy will be sent to the banks before you guys will be paid. Since you have not been paid it means that the banks are yet to receive any instruction. Please read this 5,000 Unpaid N-Power Beneficiaries From Kano State Write To Mr. President

If your payment is on hold and you can see this from your dashboard it means that you didn’t stick to the agreement you entered with the federal government.
What I mean here is that you where either absent when the monitoring team came.

If you fall into this category please don’t lose hope quickly reach to the coordinators in your respective state and explain your plight to them, if possible tender an apology to them.

Trust me if you can convince them on why you where absent your payment will be processed immediately.


From the inception of the program the federal government promised to provide a device for most of the beneficiaries but unfortunately majority of them couldn’t get theirs due to one reason or the other.
We want to use this medium to inform you guys never to lose hope, try your best to contact Npower support group for the next direction to take.

Npower Build 2017 Registration: The Npower build beneficiaries

Npower Build applicant and all beneficiaries should not see the scheme as just an avenue to make money but rather avenue where they can lean and improve on their skills. Although the federal government has promised to make a provision of a monthly stipend of 10,000 ( ten thousand naira only).
If you are having difficulties in accessing your stipend you have to log into your account and carry out a proper check of your details and bank accounts are correctly entered.


The Npower enhancement programme is another level in which all  beneficiaries will be pushed to another level .

In fact the vice president of Nigeria Osinbajo describes the next stage as a “multi-sector, multilayered and multi-pronged” that will Commence in 2019.

The vice president gave a hint that the Npower enhancement programme will focused on making the lives of the average Nigerians much more better than the previous program. This means that the usual 30,000 stipend might be increased a little further to probably 50,000.

What’s your take on this? Let’s have your view please.


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