NYSC UPDATE (BATCH A,B) 2022/2023 Mobilization

NYSC UPDATE 2022/2023- Mobilization guide for students and institutions- NYSC Batch A, B, C

Welcome to the 2022/2023 NYSC mobilization Guide put together for all -2022/2023 prospective NYSC Corp members.

when is nysc going to mobilize Corp members? when will camp opens? when is the next NYSC batch going for camp?
nysc batch 2022/2023
nysc batch 2022/2023
nysc batch 2022/2023

nysc mobilization timetable

NYSC mobilization –2022/2023 all Batch


for the past few months we have been receiving series of questions from prospective Corp members, most of them want to know when the next nysc senate list will be coming out and others want to know when the NYSC camp will be opening for orientation.

HOT: Senate list of 2022 will be out from now click here to view the senate list

HOT: Online registration starting date  will start , click here for update  NYSC online registration

HOT: Printing of call up letter on will Commence side by side  click here to see the steps for that

This article we give you all necessary information you wish to know about the 2022/2023 NYSC mobilization program, how the program will run.

NYSC 2021 BATCH A, B, C Registration guide 2022/2023

we have written an interesting guide on how to go about your registration once it commence, in this post we are going to inform you when to expect the portal to open for registration,the step by step guide on how to register, all important documents you will need to upload online either for foreign graduates or for married corp members click here for more details on NYSC registration guide

Next Batch of NYSC 2022/2023

for those who are asking when the next nysc mobilization will be coming up, let me take my time to answer this burning question since the last Batch came to an end, we are expecting the next batch to commence registration any moment from now while we are expecting all camps to open latest few weeks from now.

please keep visiting this page for update as the above date has not been confirm by thr board

NYSC correction of errors guide Batch 2022/2023

probably you filled the wrong details while filling your forms online and you only realize it immediately you where done with your registration.

There is no need to panic as no one is above mistake, we all have found our selves wanting to do one thing but end up doing another thing altogether,that is the reason the NYSC board came up with an idea that allows Corp members to easily correct any errors such as error in your date of birth, error in your names etc.Click here to see full details on how correct your details now

NYSC/JAMB Matriculation list checker 2021/2022 batch

of recent the National Youth Service Corp partnered with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB to ensure that only those whose details are with JAMB or whose admission process passed through jamb are allowed to participate in the NYSC program.
this means that those who don’t have the usual jamb registration number will find it difficult going for the NYSC program.
you are being advised to always check your Matriculation status to confirm if your name is on Jamb matriculation list. click here to find out now

what to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list? NYSC 2022/2023

for those who couldn’t find their name on Jamb matriculation list all hope is not yet lost. I have written an interesting guide to help you out click here now to read it

JAMB regularization for NYSC all you have to know – NYSC Batch 2022/2023

for those who don’t have admission letter from jamb or those who got a message from jamb that says “sorry you have no admission from jamb” you don’t need to be told that you have to regularize your admission, click here now to see the process involved in regularizing your admission. for those who care to find out how much the process will cost them click here to read more on how much is jamb regularization form
if you are among those asking for the closing date of jamb regularization then click here to see the closing date

NYSC Batch 2022/2023timetable

the NYSC  Batch B timetable is a list that contains all the programs that the NYSC board intend to carry out.
the timetable contains the date when camps is expected to open, the date that Corp members will be sworn in and their passing out date , finally it also states when the program will come to an end. click here to see more details on NYSC timetable

NYSC senate approved LIST 2022/2023

the nysc approved Senate list contains all eligible Corp members who have been cleared by their respective institutions to participate in the compulsory NYSC program.

I have written a step by step guide that will enable you to check Your status if you are among those who will be going for NYSC CAMP in this 2022/2023. click here for full details on how to check Your status

NYSC 2022/2023 Call up LETTER BATCH B

all prospective Corp members are advised to print out their call up letters before proceeding to camp. the NYSC call up letter shows you the state you were posted to, it gives you the direction to the camp and it’s important you ensure that the print out is in clear colored form. click here to see the date when you are expected to print out your NYSC call up letter

NYSC batches and months

here we will be listed the various months when various batches will be going for service ; be it batch A or B: stream 1 or stream 2 all shall be discussed here.

NYSC Redeployment Guide

where you posted to a place where you didn’t like? we know most Corp members about 40% will be posted to states that they never wanted to go. that’s what the program is about, posting Corp members to states where they don’t have any knowledge of or where they have not visited before.
so if you where posted to a place you don’t like, don’t panic there are still ways you can redeploy with out breaking any rules.

for your redeployment letter to be accepted and considered it has to follow the right format click here to see the right way to write your redeployment letter now

hope this article is helpful to you? if there is any information you have that you will like other prospective Corp members to know about, please make use of the comment box below and let us know
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