OOU Admission Requirements 2023/2024 For Applicants

Oou admission requirements  for all applicants.

If you applied for admission into oou through utme or direct entry, then this article is a Must-read for you.

OOU Admission Requirements 2023/2024 For Utme Applicants


As an aspirant of oou, you must have already chosen oou as your first choice institution in jamb.

If you have not, kindly go and do jamb change of institution as soon as possible.

You should also have scored at least 180 in JAMB  examination.

Direct Entry Admission Requirements In OOU

Olabisi onabanjo university accepts the following for direct entry applicants :

Diploma [HND or ND] in relevant field to your course].

NCE with at least merit pass for courses under the faculty of education.

Two A level passes in the relevant field.

O level Requirements For Admission Into OOU

Applicants need at least five (5) credit pass in not more than two sittings in their o level results (waec, neco, gce, etcetera..).

The credit passes must include three relevant subjects, English language and mathematics.

Note that oou will not accept anything below credit passes in the required subjects.

Does OOU Accept Second Choice?

No, Olabisi onabanjo university does not accept second choice applicants.

In case you picked it as second choice in jamb or DE and still want to gain admission there, you need to change it to first choice institution.

Thinking that oou will admit you with second choice is very wrong.

How To Calculate OOU Cut Off Mark (Aggregate) For  Applicants

There is a particular formular used to calculate oou aggregate.

The formula is : Jamb score divided by eight (8) + post utme score divided by two (2).

For example; if someone scored 300 in jamb and 80% in post utme and he/she wants to study medicine and surgery in OOU.

This is the way it will be calculated : 300/8 + 80/2 = 37.5 + 40 = 77.5

So the person aggregate is now 77.5.

Currently oou does not release its cut off mark.

But an aggregate of 77.5 is likely to gain admission to study medicine and surgery in Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Facts About Gaining Admission Into Olabisi Onabanjo University

1. Once your jamb score is 180 and above, you are eligible to apply for the post utme exam.

2. Competitive courses like pharmacy, law, medicine etc requires you to have a score of 230 and above.

3. If you are a second choice aspirant and you apply for competitive courses, it’s a waste of time… Oou can be so generous in giving out other courses so far you chose them or not. (Some might be unlucky though).

4. Remember having high jamb score is good but it doesn’t guarantee admission. I’ve seen cases of people with high jamb scores still not able to get their desired courses (though it gives you an edge over others). All still boils down to your post utme.

No matter your jamb score, u can still surpass those with high jamb score if you can prepare hard for the post utme.

5. The post utme isn’t about how intelligent you are, it test your speed, efficiency and time management!.

You can Imagine having to answer 50questions in 20-25minutes. (The time doesn’t even count like a normal clock self).

No matter what you scored, cheer up, look at the positive side of life and take the next bold step.

You never know what you can do until you give it a trial. Never forget the GOD factor. Grace still works for people!!!

What is your jamb score ?.
What choice did you choose OOU in your form ?.

Your luck matters most in gaining admission.

Why did I say so? .

It’s very simple because there are some situations where a candidate will score above 50% in the post utme and will be deny admission while another candidate with score less than 50% will be given admission for the same course.

As a university setting which encapsulates a wide arrays of courses, your preferred course may not be given to you and you may be given another course entirely or related to your preferred course

First batch oou admission list are always guaranteed of their preferred choice of course.

2nd batch admission list are not always guaranteed their preferred course but some of them will still be given their preferred course, while the candidates from whatever batch they release after that will not be given their preferred choice anymore and directed to other course

For instance, an applicant may chose Mass communication as his/her preferred course and later be given Business education or guidance and counselling.

Or a candidate may chose Accounting and later may be given French, social studies education or economics education.

Everything depends on luck so don’t build your hopes up if you score a good grade and don’t lower yourself if you score lower grade in your post utme

I will advise you to pray, pray and pray and I pray your luck will work for you.

Wish you good luck before the releasing of result.

If you have any questions about gaining admission into oou or oou admission requirements, leave a comment below.

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