Price of sealing machine in Nigeria (automatic & manual 2023 price list) nylon

Price of sealing machine in Nigeria (automatic & manual  price list) nylon

Are you looking for the cheapest brand of sealing machine that is durable, of high quality and won’t make you break the bank before you can afford to buy it? If yes then you are in the right article.
Sealing machine

In this article we are going to give you the prices of various types of sealing machine in Nigeria and where to buy them if eventually you need one.

The importance of a sealing machine can not be overemphasized as it does not only helps to preserve all type of food, be it process or unprocessed but also keep it fresh, helping to retain it test and quality over a long period of time.

Apart from keeping your food fresh, a well package and sealed food items will be presentable and catchy in the eye of potential customers or buyer.

With out a good sealing machine it will be impossible to achieve all this benefit attached to packaging your food in a well preserved container.

Why you must get a sealing machine now


Most of the food items that ate sold in the market and along the express road are all sealed, from chin-chin, plantain chip, pure water (sachet water) , cake, bread etc are all well package and sealed with the help of a sealing machine.
Let’s gives you some checklist why you must get a sealing machine today :

  1. Food preservation : if you really want to keep your food away from germs and bacteria that are capable of contaminating our food then it’s best you seal them very tightly and neatly as this will not only help keep it away from bacteria but also from the carrier of this bacteria like flies
  2. Branding : you can as well customize your nylon in such a way that each and every one of it has your business name, phone number, address etc before sealing it, as this will help differentiate your product from others.
  3. Makes your food presentable : imagine when you are selling cake or chi-chi and you are just rough handling it with your hand. Trust me most customers won’t or might stop patronizing you if eventually they found out how you handle their your products.
  4. It’s cheap to buy and maintain : sealing machine is not that expensive in fact you will be shock to see the price of various sealing machine in the market, even if it get spoilt you won’t spend much to put it into good shape back.

See the prices of sealing machine in Nigeria

Sealing machine

There are different types of sealing machine in the market ; there are some that are run by electric, while some are manual. So it depends on your need and the type of business you are into that will determine the type you should go get.
If you are mass producing like in an industrial scale then it will be unwise to go for the manual type of sealing machine.

Here are the current prices of sealing machines in Nigeria:

  • Food Nylon Sealer Machine === ₦1,500 – ₦ 15,000
  • Portable Household Anti Air & Water Erosion Electric Vacuum Packing Machine === ₦ 13,000 – ₦ 20,000
  • Electric Nylon Bag Sealer & Re-sealer Machine === ₦ 2,500
  • Multifunctional Vacuum Food Sealer Automatic Sealing Packer Packing Machine === ₦ 25,000 – ₦ 30,000
  • Battery Operated Handheld Mini Nylon Sealer/ Resealer Machine === ₦ 2,000 – ₦ 3,500
  • Impulse Nylon Sealer === ₦ 8,000 – ₦ 25,000
  • Compact Portable Food Sealer Automatic Electric Snacks Bag Sealing Machine === ₦ 3,310 – ₦ 5,000
  • 110V Food Home Electric Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine Sealer Vacuum Packer === ₦ 22,500
  • Nylon Sealing Machine === ₦ 8,500 – ₦ 20,000
  • QASA – Nylon Sealer – QNS-3200HI === ₦ 12,000 – N 20,000
  • High Quality Nylon Sealer + Cartridge Gas === ₦ 7,500 – N 10,000
  • Electric Nylon Sealing Machine === ₦ 15,000 – N 20,000
  • Mini Plastic Bag Sealer === ₦ 1,500 – ₦ 5,000

Before buying that sealer consider this :

  • Durability as against cost: some sealing machine are expensive than the other while some are cheaper. When buying a sealing machine don’t be carried away by the prices, don’t say because this one is cheaper let me go for it rather check what other people are saying about the particular brand that you want to go for. Check the warranty, check the specifications properly. It’s of our opinion that quality is more cheaper than quantity.
  • Your needs: There are different type of sealing machine in the market, there are sealing machine that can be use to seal most kind of nylon, we also have plastic bottle sealing machine etc. So the type of sealing machine you want to get should match what you want to use it for.
  • The operating system : There are manual sealing machines and there is automatic sealing machine, not every one will be cool with the manual sealing machine because it requires extra effort and man power. While on the other hand not everyone can afford the automatic sealing machine.
  • The thickness of the material you are sealing : The type of material you are sealing should be also taken into consideration because we understand that there are two types of sealer in the market. We understand that there is impulse heat and direct heat.
  1. Impulse heat : this type of sealer is use to seal very light nylon like that for chi-chi, plantain chip and anything that has to do with nylon hence it does not need any warm up time before you can seal a nylon.
  2. direct heat: this one requires a warm up time as it uses the direct heat before it can seal firmly. Eg vacuum sealers, portable sealers, hand sealers, foot sealers, automatic sealers and continuous band sealers

Finally check the size and heating element : if you are into materials that requires much heat just tell them to give you a sealer with two elements, because it supplies much heat and energy than single elements.

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