See actual Cost of IVF in Nigeria (2023 ) Abuja/Lagos etc

See actual Cost of IVF in Nigeria  benefits and what you should know facts:

Are you searching for the current price of IVF in Nigeria today? If yes then this post shall reveal a lot to you today, just be patient to finish up the article.

Like you all know IVF stands for vitro fertilisation and it is a process of fertilisation where a female egg is mixed and combine outside the woman’s body with the sole aim of having a kid or kids.

IVF is very complicated and involves several process, the first steps involves a simple stimulating of a woman’s ovulatory process where by her ovum is carefully removed. The second process involve the doctors mixing the ovum with a man’s sperm in a tube where it is allowed to fertilise in the laboratory.

We are not here to give details on how IVF is done because there are several articles online that covers the process but we are here to help expectant mothers and couples know how much they should budget for this process.

No doubt IVF is very expensive because it involves life, growing and sustaining life outside the body is no small feat.


What is the cost of IVF in Nigeria 2022 ?


This is the burning question on the mind of most Nigerians as they plan ahead to undertake this project. Well from the survey we conducted we found out that the current price is not fixed and it depend on several factors which we are going to discuss here.

But if you interested in knowing the cost just budget like 500,000 naira to 2,000,000 naira.Please note that the figure we quoted covers both the treatment plan and could be even lesser than that.

Secondly you can also bargain with your doctors as to whether you can pay the money in installment . Just like paying 50% of the total money first then later completing the rest when the process has been finalized, it all depends on the hospital and the level of relationship that you establish with them.

Fertility specialist consultation fee N110,000
Screening to check your own egg N160,000
Screening to check donor egg N130,000
Reassessment N130,000
Follow-up specialist consultation N50,000
Assessment for surrogate N120,000
Sonography for surrogate N60,000
Drugs for surrogate & donor N1,200,000
Surrogacy IVF treatment N1,520,000
Scheduling fees N120,000
Legal fees N200,000

What are the factors that determine the cost of IVF in Nigeria

  • Duration of the treatment plan: it is often said that the duration of the treatment plan also determines how much you will be ask to cough out at the end of the day. A typical treatment plan should last up to 8weeks or more. The Longer the treatment plan the more you are expected to pay
  • Age of the couple : if both couple are older then doctors need to put in more effort to make the eggs fertilise and this could inflate the price at the end of the day. Naturally it is often believed that younger couples will have a greater chances of conceiving than older couples so age is also been considered by doctors before they tell you the cost.

Please note that couple who are older like over 40% will likely have 10% successive rate, while couples who are much younger like below 35 will have a higher chances like 40-45%

  • Are you buying the eggs or sperm? There are cases where one’s partners sperm won’t be viable enough to fertilise an egg, or where the woman’s ovum is not that viable then the best option here is to look for a donor. From a survey we conducted we found out that donation tends to shoot cost up as the price ranges from 100,000 naira to as high as 500,000.
  • The cost of drugs :For sure you should also budget for drugs, we won’t call the name of any drugs here but they are a little expensive ; this drugs are mostly prescription drugs that are highly recommended and most times a must that you get them all.
  • Legal fees and paper work : are you getting a surrogate? Please if yes you have to make everything legal and well documented in case in the future anything comes up you have where to fall back on.
  • Private or government owned hospitals :We all know that in government owned hospitals everything is subsidize just like in most teaching hospitals , you don’t have to pay high to get certain services but the reverse is the case in all private hospitals.

List of government hospitals where IVF is done

Let’s give a list of some government hospitals where IVF is done one thing about them is that they have qualified doctors with experience to make everything work. Another thing is the cost wise, everything is much more cheaper than private hospitals. So here comes the list of hospitals in Nigeria

University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital
National Hospital, Abuja
University of Benin Teaching Hospital
Lagos University Teaching Hospital
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital

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