SPECTRANET Login /Subscription Plans and Prices list – check data balance /Lagos & Abuja,

SPECTRANET Login /Subscription Plans and Prices For Lagos & Abuja – check data balance /selfcare.spectranet.com.ng login

Have you heard about SPECTRANET? hopefully the answer will be yes for the average Nigerian internet subscribers.

Spectranet Nigerian

For those who don’t really know much about SPECTRANET, in this article we shall discuss everything such as the services they offer, prices, how to contact them for further negotiations, data and modern price list etc.

What’s SPECTRANET all about?

SPECTRANET is a major internet service provider that is currently operating in Nigeria, they are known for their internet subscription plan that is not only flexible, cheap, affordable but fast in terms of connectivity.

It is often said that Spectranet remains the first service provider that successfully lunched 4GLTE internet network in Nigeria as a whole.


If you could remember the first generation of wireless standard was just analog with time we slowly progressed to 2G Digital which is more advanced in all round compared to analog.

In fact the Digital wireless network was known as 2G network, it was during this time that Java phones dominated the mobile telecom market and there was a whole lot of fuss about it

Right now we now have the 3G wireless  mobile telecommunications technology which is a multimedia broadband.

hence we could say that the 3G wireless network which is a little upgrade from the 2G network is still in use today because it is not only fast but its reliable when it comes to video call, voice call over data and above all mobile TV.

4G network is relatively new, it was first introduced in 2008. If you want to experience  high-definition mobile TV, 3D television and video conferencing you talk about 4G.

The best service provider that is reliable and affordable in terms of 4G today is Spectranet, but the only drawback with this service provider is that their services and coverage is not widely spread as they are only confined in the big cities and town such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abuja.

Advantage of SPECTRANET 4G-LTE

4G-LTE  comes with a lot of benefits that is second to non in Nigeria as at today; although there is 5G  network right now but that is  not available here in Nigeria at the moment.

  1. With SPECTRANET 4G-LTE network you will experience a fast upload and download that is second to know. You necessarily don’t need to wait for hours just to complete a single download or upload no matter how large.
  2. SPECTRANET 4G-LTE data is designed for heavy internet users who consume a lot of bandwidth on daily basis.
  3. SPECTRANET 4G-LTE will handle all your conferencing videos flawlessly with out any hitch

spectranet coverage in Nigeria

  • Abuja
  • Ibadan
  • Lagos
  • Port Harcourt

SPECTRANET customer service.

If you experience any problems based on service problem or you want to ask questions or find out more, just call to speak with their customers care here


SPECTRANET login: how to login

SPECTRANET Nigeria has made everything easy for subscribers allowing them to have full control over their services. A Channel through which this is possible is through the self care portal.

The self care portal allows subscribers to access all services after they must have logged in via an ID and a password.

You might be tempted to ask what are the things you can do via the SPECTRANET self care Portal. Well through this portal you can do a whole wide range of things like:

  • make payments for your subscription
  • You can as well find more information about the company.

Link to SPECTRANET self care portal

: https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng/

Remember to login using the right username and password, should in case you forget your password always make use of the recovery password button.

SPECTRANET Devices are here

This devices of Spectranet allow each subscribers access their services with the speed of light.

So as you are planning on porting to SPECTRANET Nigeria be ready to buy any of this device so as to experience a massive turnaround in your everyday browsing:

SPECTRANET Devices /modem price list

Spectranet Freedom MiFi ₦ 16000
Spectranet Pebble MiFi ₦ 20000
Spectranet Portable MiFi ₦ 25000
Spectranet TOZ Indoor CPE₦ 25000
Spectranet Indoor WiFi. 35000
Spectranet Outdoor Modem70000
Spectranet Portable MiFi Premium35000
  • Spectranet Outdoor Modem:Spectranet Outdoor Modem supports high and reliable signal strength
  • Spectranet Portable MiFi:This is best for for offices, home, public places
  • Spectranet Indoor Wifi: if you want to experience fast internet connection in your Linux, MAC, Windows, and Android then get this.

Spectranet Subscription Plans And Prices

Plan Name Plan/Data Plan Cost Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 2GB 2GB N3,000 Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 5GB 5GB N5,000 Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 20GB 20GB N10,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 50GB 50GB N20,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 100GB 100GB N40,000 10GB + Free Night Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 200GB 200GB N70,000 Free Unlimited Night Browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Nite Value 20GB 20GB N7,500 Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
Unified Nite Value 40GB 40GB N11,000 Nil Monthly 7pm – 7am
Plan Name Plan Cost Plan/Data Additional Bonus Validity Access
Unified Value 7GB N5,000 7GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 15GB N7,000 15GB Nil Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 25GB N10,000 25GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 55GB N20,000 55GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7
Unified Value 110GB N40,000 110GB *Free Unlimited Night browsing Monthly 24 x 7



Spectranet Nigerian

Checking your available data is very simple, just scroll down a little and there you Will see it as it’s not hidden.

Remember that you can subscribe through Prepaid Voucher of which you can buy from major distributors around town or you can subscribe via Webpay.

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