TSTV Decoder Price, Channels List, Subscription Packages Nigeria 2022

TSTV Decoder Price, Channels List, Subscription Packages in Nigeria 2022 

The days of booster and antennas receiver are gone, back in the days we are only limited to watching local TV shows, like states and privately own TV channels that are located either in the states we are or just a neighboring state.
Those antennas are not powerful enough to receive signals from station that are far, they are limited to only few stations, to make matters worse most of those channels are not educative, informative or entertaining

Today with advanced technology and with the introduction of more sophisticated cable TVs we can now have unlimited access to not only national channels but also international channels with good TV programs that are lively and very difficult to resist.

Nothing good they say comes so easy. most of these cable TV providers their service are very expensive, their monthly or yearly subscription plans are not affordable to the common man. This has restricted millions of Nigerians from purchasing their products.

You might have heard of TSTV also known as Telecom Satellite TV. This company was recently introduced to the Nigerian market, in fact the management of the company understands the average Nigerians and have made their product not only cheap but also pocket friendly with subscription plans that the average Nigerians can role with.

Armed with just 200 naira, yes 200 naira you will be able to subscribe and also still have premium access to TV channels that are educative and entertaining and also have some data for browsing. With TSTV there is value for every extra naira spent and trust me you won’t regret it.

The only draw back with TSTV for now is that they don’t have numerous channels just like the big brands do but as days passes by they are adding new channels to the already existing ones on ground.

Price of TSTV Decoder in Nigeria

The purpose of putting down this article is to list the Price of TSTV Decoder in Nigeria, like how much you can get TSTV Decoder in the market today. We shall also list the various channels they have and also give you a list of their subscription plans.

Few years ago there was a buzz all over social media about TSTV Decoder, ever since then most Nigerians have been asking when will this product be available in the market, initially there were unexpected delay in the whole process but finally TSTV Decoder is now in the market.

TSTV Decoder Prices minus installation fee 12,000 – 15,000
TSTV Decoder Prices +installation fee 14,500-20,000

The installation price we quoted above varies, it depends first on your location and how you negotiate with the installer.

Price of TSTV subscription packages in Nigeria

TSTV have a flexible subscription plan, they have the daily, weekly and monthly subscription which is regarded as the full subscription package which allows you to browse the net with a data cap of 10GB.
Purchasing TSTV Decoder and subscribing for the first time? Don’t fail to subscribe for the monthly plan because a 20GB welcome bonus is waiting for you.

Daily Subscription Package N200
3-Day Subscription package N500
7-Day Subscription package N750
14-Day Subscription package N1500
Monthly Subscription package N3, 000

Available channels on TSTV

Free channels

*. Dish TV

Language/ Culture/ Pan Africa Channels

*. Mama Africa Movies (125)
*. Mama Africa Movies Yoruba (126)
*. Mama Africa Movies Hausa (127)
*. Riwendu TV (128)
*. Nollywood TV (130)

General Entertainment Channels

*. Grande Comedy (150)
*. NCTV (151)
*. Fox Entertainment (152)
*. Ben TV (155)
*. AIT (156)
*. NTA (257)

Movie Channels

*. Grande Movies (175)
*. Movie Box (176)
*. NBC 2 (177)
*. NBC Action (178)
*. NBC Max (179)
*. Telenovela (181)
*. Televista (183)
*. Bollywood TV (184)

Kiddies Channels

*. A1 Kids (200)
*. Panda Biggs (201)
*. Nickelodeon (202)
*. JimJam (203)

Health and Lifestyle Channels

*. AHTV (215)
*. Fine Living Network (216)
*. Fashion One (217)

Documentary Channels

*. National Geographic (222)
*. Nat Geo Wild (223)
*. Viasat Nature (224)
*. Discovery Science (225)
*. IDX (226)

Music Channels

*. Hits (240)
*. Trace (241)
*. MTV base (242)

News Channels

*. CNN (250)
*. Aljazeera (251)
*. BBC (252)
*. Channels (253)
*. TVC News (254)
*. Bloomberg (255)
*. CGTV (256)

Sports Channels

*. Bein Sports NBA (276)
*. Bein Sports HD2 (277)
*. Bein Sports HD3 (278)
*. Bein Sports Max 4 HD (279)
*. Bein Sports HD 5 (280)
*. Bein Sports 6 HD (281)
*. Bein Sports HD 7 (282)
*. Bein Sports HD 8 (283)
*. Bein Sports 9 HD (284)
*. Bein sports 10 HD (285)
*. Eurosport (286)
*. FOX Sports 1 (287)
*. FOX Sports 2 HD (288)
*. Kombat Sports (289)

Religious Channels

*. Grande Gospel (300)
*. Emmanuel TV (301)
*. TBN Networks (302)
*. Qraa (303)
*. Sunna Makaranta (304)
*. EWTV (305)

Why you should go with TSTV

  • Their subscription plan is very cheap and affordable.
  • There is a feature that helps you extend and conserve your subscription plan like you can pause it.
  • You have a free choice to browse with your data.

TSTV subscription plan with Data pack

Subscription Plan Price Allocated Data
Daily Plan #200 500MB
3 Days Plan #500 1GB    
Weekly Plan #750 2GB
10 Days Plan #1000 3GB
2 Weeks Plan #1,500 5GB
Monthly Plan #3,000 10GB

See Where to Buy TSTV Decoder

Now that you have made up your mind to get a TSTV Decoder and start enjoying entertaining and educative channels, its now time to get a location near your state or town where you can easily pick up the Decoder.
You only have to enter your location in this link and wait for the results that will be display to you.

How Pay for TSTV Subscriptions

TSTV has a flexible subscription plan that is not that difficult to subscribe to.

  • Goto http://www.tstvafrica.com/selfcare/
  • . Then click on “Pay Subscription” as seen on the below image:
TSTV Decoder Price, Channels List, Subscription Packages in Nigeria
How to subscribe tstv

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