What Is Next After 2022/2023 Post UTME-

What Is Next After 2022/2023 Post UTME-This Is What You Should Do After Your  Post UTME

Now that you have finished writing your post utme exams one start wondering the next line of action to take.
We all understand that that after one challenge comes another challenge… What how life is all about.
Jamb low score
This article shall give you a clear guide on what you should do after your post utme exams… Continue reading

We understand that most candidates and aspirant have in one way or the other try as much as they can to remain focused all through the struggle and stress of JAMB exams, Jamb mock and finally post utme exams.
But please have it in mind that the battle is not yet over, don’t slack back, in fact this is the time you have to tight up your belt and do the needful,you might ask what’s the needful? Just continue reading you will find out soon…..

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What Is Next After Post UTME


Know your average score:
Immediately after your post utme exams, what comes up is for your school to release their post utme results, what you where able to score in your post utme and your Jamb exams combine together then divided by 2 (average score) will determine your next line of action.

For some their score or average score might be wonderful while others theirs might be low.

Once you have known your average, try as much as possible to know your school departmental cut off mark.

Prepare for to get a supplementary form:
Weigh your options, if you still stand the chance of getting admitted into your department of your choice, if no please get the supplementary form of your school and change to another department that’s less competitive.
Please note that supplementary forms comes out after merit list.

Prepare all Required documents for you Physical Clearance: once you get admitted into any institution you must present your self for clearance, you have to present some documents which i listed below :

  • Birth certificate or Age Declaration,
  • WAEC Original Results,
  • JAMB Original results

All clearance starts from the admission unit to the bursary and finally to your faculty where you will be issue a Matriculation number

Be financially ready : school requires money, there is what is called acceptance fee, which shows that you have accepted your school admission offer. Most state schools charge up to 50,000 and if you do not pay it up before the deadline you might loss your admission.

Should i learn a skills or not : you can learn a skill no knowledge is a waste , but when you are in school all your parents want is for you to concentrate on your studies and bring them good grades.
If your parents are wealthy enough to take care of all your expenses while in school then you don’t have to engage in anything that will make you lose concentration.

If you still have any question to ask then feel free to drop your question using the comment box

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Also look for updated jamb syllabus and read along with your text books.

how to retrieve lost jamb profile code

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how to create a jamb profile code

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  1. After registering for yabatech post utme, what is the next thing to do… Are we printing something out to take to the exam hall or what

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