what to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list

what to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list

in my last article i wrote about how to check Your name on NYSC Matriculation list, but after writing that article i received a lot of complaints from prospective Corp members who couldn’t find their name on the list.

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nysc Matriculation list
this article will guide a this who didnt see their names on the Matriculation list on what next to do.

since the NYSC partner with jamb to ensure that only eligible corp members are able to mobilize there has been series of challenge a lot of prospective Corp members are facing.

the jamb matriculation list helps you to verify if your admission is fake or genuine, secondly it check if your admission was done in line with jamb.

for those whose admission was not done in line with jamb, means they don’t have Matriculation number and as such jamb are not aware of their admission.
from my findings i discovered that majority of this set of people are those who graduated from part time program, HND /OND graduates.

what to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list


the simple thing you must do is to regularize your admission.
I have created an interesting guide on how to go about the whole process so that you don’t make any mistake click here for more update on that

for those whose admission where fake means that they won’t be able to be mobilize for the program

through jamb regularization click here to do that now

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follow this system as outlined by jamb on their portal.

  1. log on to jamb portal E facility
  2. make sure you print your slip and Admission letter
  3. this the above document you printed to your school admission officer for confirmation

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hope this article is helpful to you? if you have any problem here please comment below let’s know how to help you out.

8 thoughts on “what to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list”

  1. what will I do I have been mobilise from school but jamb said that am more than 30yrs that i can’t follow this batchA to service am very worried pls I need help

  2. Hello … Please what do I do if my name on Jambs portal is different from my name on my waec, neco and jamb due to the fact that I made an error as a child?
    Say my name is Orjiakor Sharon Chinwendu but I got confirmed as Wendy so I went on to register Orjiakor Wendy Chinwendu in waec, neco and jamb coz I liked Wendy better so when i got to the uni … I had to use Orjiakor Sharon Chinwendu W. since the mistake had already been made. But the name school sent to Jamb still remains Orjiakor Sharon Chinwendu meanwhile my Jamb carries Orjiakor Wendy Chinwendu ……..
    I know it sounds complicated and mumbo-jumbish but I’d really be grateful if you can help. Thanks

  3. Mustapha Ahmad

    My school submitted our list for moblization but up to now,we hve been mobilized.Please help me know how to comfirm wether they submitted or not

  4. My name is on jamb matriculation list,and on the senate list, but nysc keep telling me I can’t register that I have not been matriculated. What does this mean.

  5. Pls help me, my name is Annah Ajiji Ibrahim, but on jamb it is Ibrahim Annah Ajiji, pls what should I do, is it going to be a problem with NYSC. Thanks for your response.

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