Why a language learning support group is key to helping you learn a new language

Why a language learning support group is key to helping you learn a new language

One of the best ways to complement your language learning apps and podcasts is with a support group of similar level language learners.

Learning a new language is an act have great benefits. but this must have a good network of support.

What is a language learning support group?

Masterminds are used often by entrepreneurs and salespeople. The gist is this: a small group of people, usually between 4 and 6, who meet on a regular basis to discuss challenges, offer advice, and brainstorm.

A language learning support group is kind of like a study group. Not everyone has to be located in the same place. It also really helps if everyone in the group is listening to the same Spanish learning podcast so that you can all discuss recent episodes and clarify anything that anyone in the group doesn’t understand.

It could comprise of a segment of people with same objectives learning the one language, or simply a segment of individuals interested in the language and also in search of tricks and some little motivation.

Accountability drives results

The greatest benefits of a language learning mastermind, is that participating individuals have the chance to set goals , state those goals to the group, and hold each other participant accountable.

Let’s say you want to progress your Spanish speaking to near fluency in six months. Develop a few goals that will help you get there, say monthly or bi-weekly mark points, and bring those goals to the group.

Make sure each person has a written copy.

Meetings that are held gives an ample opportunity to help understand each other, have a heart to heart discussion of each others goals and also identify any challenges they are facing .

How to run a language learning support group

More also , all meetings held must be focused and productive , but also easy to communicate. No one should dread coming to a meeting – it should be something that is fun and that each person looks forward to.

The group can initiate a rotating ‘hot seat’ where each meeting, the focus is on one person and their challenges.

The ‘mastermind brain’ as widely known, comes together under same agenda looking for solution to particular problems they identify

After initial greetings and making findings know to each member, the rest of discussion (20-30 minutes) goes to helping out and providing guidance to whoever is on the hot seat . Here is an illustration of language learning mastermind schedule below:

  • How is everyone feeling about their progress this week? Go around the group and provide updates how everyone in the group is feeling — how was their most recent lesson, have they watched any Spanish-language media, or what elese has happened between now and the last meeting.
  • Answering questions or struggles of one specific person in the group. 20-30 minutes set aside to the one’s biggest challenge in language learning process at the moment.
  • Closing and accountability for next time. sharing goals you really wished to be accomplished.

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