Price of solar inverter in Nigeria 2021 |inverter prices with battery |batteries price list

Price of solar inverter in Nigeria |inverter prices with battery |batteries price list

Nigerians today are under powered in fact a survey was conducted by Spectator Index of the world’s worst electricity supply in 2017, and they found out that Nigeria is the second worst nation in power supply .

Nigeria only comes after Yemen out of over 137 countries, it has been this bad. It seems that this problem has no solution insight as most of the power generated are hardly transmitted to the end users due to dilapidated power installation all over the country.

This problem has made most pro minded business unit, household individuals find an alternative power supply that will not only provide power to their business but also to their homes with out relying on Kainji dam, Jebba plant, Alaoji National Independent Power Plant and others that had failed Nigerians in all areas.

Difference between solar inverter and electricity inverter

Solar inverter in Nigeria

Solar inverter is quite different from electricity inverter although most are confused about this and also use the same word interchangeably.
Solar inverter derives it energy from the sun, all energy collected from direct sunlight are now stored in the batteries for future use. What happens here is that Direct output (DC) which has been trapped from the sun via the solar panel is converted into an alternating current (AC).

While an electricity inverter is designed to depend largely on direct electricity supply and works almost the same as the previous inverter we had explain above.

Please note that all these are all renewable energy sources that have no pollution at all, safe on human health, friendly on the ecosystem and has been highly recommended by expert as the best sources of energy generation.

Though majority of Nigeria has not fully embrace this form of energy as most small and medium scale enterprise still depend on generator set which posses great danger on human life.

Please note that any appliance that burns fuel to produce its energy will in no doubt emanate Carbon Monoxide which is a deadly gas and often referred to as “the silent killer”.

Prices of solar inverter batteries in Nigeria 2021

2KVA BLUEGATE 24 vos Solar Inverter N69,000
Novel Solar 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter N70,000
200AH 12V GLT Solar Inverter Battery N70,000
2.4 KVA Solar Inverter 24vos N48,000
1400VA 1.4KVA Hybrid Solar Power Inverter UPS – All In One N55,000
500 Watts Inverter +150 Watt Solar Panel + 40Ah 12V Battery N89,000
1500VA 1.5KVA Hybrid Solar Power Inverter UPS – Pure Sine N80,000
5KVA Solar Power Inverter System N2,822,085
Solar N Inverter Power Energy N200,000
130w Solar Panel + 500w Inverter + 100ah Ba3 + 30A Charge Controller N118,000
800VA Solar Inverter With 40 amp Mppt Charge Controller Inbuilt N80,000
2KVA Solar Inverter With Batteries, Solar Panels & Installation N200,000
Luminous 1.5KVA/24v Solar Hybrid Inverter N75,000
300 watts Portable Solar Inverter Generator N130,000
2.7KVA Inverter With Full Solar System N350,000
5KVA Inverter With Full Solar System N800,000
1000W Power Inverter +2 12v/100ah Batteries + Solar Panels N293,000
4 Pieces Of 200 Watts Solar Panels For 24V Inverter System N182,000
1000W Portable Solar Power Inverter +12v/100ah Battery + Solar Panels N157,000

Types of solar inverters

Stand alone inverter:

this is also known as remote power inverter, here electricity generation is done via Photovoltaic system through solar panel, after generating the power, it is stored in the batteries in form of Direct current for future use.
This Direct current can’t be use by most home appliances, you need to convert the DC into AC by a Stand alone inverter.

Battery backup inverter :

This inverter is design to also supply energy to the battery and also draw energy from the battery. It performs two functions as you can see and are quite little expensive than the Stand alone inverter

Grand Tie Inverters :

this type of inverter is design to disconnect or simply short down if there is a utility outages.

inverter batteries price list in Nigeria 2021

Inverter battery in Nigeria

12V / 100Ah
12V / 150Ah
12V / 200Ah
2V / 500 Ah
2V / 600 Ah
2V / 750 Ah
2V / 1500 Ah

Difference between an inverter battery and a car battery

An inverter battery be it solar or electric is different from a car battery, both are not the same.
An inverter batteries are specially designed to last very long while they slowly discharge their current.

A car battery on the other hand are not meant for this purpose, it is designed to only start your car, while the car engine is on, the car battery recharge and also power your electric through out the journey.

The Main point here is that a car battery will only supply current for a limited time so as to recharge back, it doesn’t have that ruggedness to supply large amount of current over a long period of time with out having an issue or killing it lifespan quickly while an inverter has been tested and proven to supply current over a long period of time.


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