South Africa Visa Fees in Nigeria 2023 (updated) |How To apply

South Africa Visa Fees in Nigeria  (updated) |How To apply for a A South African Visa|South African embassy in Nigeria – address

Do you want to visit South Africa either as a tourist or for business purposes then this post is for you. Here you will learn how much it will cost you to process a South Africa Visa  .

We are going to be more detailed in this article so we would like you to slowly read the article because you are about to find out how much, the few things you will need before you can successfully procure a South African visa, you shall also known the maximum number of weeks to wait for your visa to be ready and finally the cost of processing it.

South Africa Visa Fees in Nigeria

Individuals who don’t need to apply for VISA


  • Do you have a South African passport? If you are a holder of a South African passport you don’t need to bother your self to get a visa.
  • Certain countries have been exempted from applying for visa before they can visit South Africa, these set of people can easily fly into South Africa any day any time and they are : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including the British Islands Bailiwick of Guernsey and Jersey,Virgin Islands, Isle of Mann , the Republic of Ireland as well as British Overseas Territories)

See South Africa Visa Fees in Nigeria

Below is a table showing you the current price of a South African visa fee in Naira.

Visa Category Visa Fee in Naira (+VAT)| Service Fee in Naira (+VAT)
Short Term: Holiday Visa | ₦8,600 |₦25,470
Long Term: Business Visa ₦30,600 | ₦25,470

Please have it in mind that you will be asked to pay extra ₦ 4,500 if you are requesting for passport currier services.

Is this fee static?
No this fee was calculated based on the current exchange rate to dollars, if there is a slight increase in exchange rate expect a little increase the prices we quoted above.

Where can I pay this fee?

  • Please note that you need to go along with a first page of a copy of your international passport,please don’t fail to go with it.
  • It’s also advisable to pay either at the bank or simply pay at Bank implant @ VFS Global.

General Requirements for a South Africa Visa ?

  • While applying for your South African Visa you need to present your passport.
  • What is the purpose of your traveling, Business? If yes then you need to get a letter of invitation from your business partner over there, note that this should contain full details not limited to contact address/phone number alone.
  • Get a valid birth certificate for your kids to show their age if you are traveling with them .
  • Application form (B184), don’t submit an incomplete form. Fill the form accordingly before submitting.
  • If you are a child traveling alone you need to get a consent letter from your parent, also get a copy of your parents passport data page /a valid means of identification.
  • Get your yellow fever card
  • Get a recommendation latter from your boss or employer if applicable.
  • If you are going as a couple and you sure that both of you will stay for more than 90 days then you need to present your marriage certificate.
  • You will have to pay ₦8,600 visa fee which is non refundable.
  • Get a bank statement of not less than 6 month, this will show your financial status.
  • Get at least two passport photos that look alike.

Types of South Africa Visa and Duration

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Study Visa 6 – 8 weeks Duration of study program
Medical Treatment Visa 6 days 3 – 6 months
Business Visa 6 days 3 months
Corporate Visa 6 days 3 months
Work Visa 6 3 months

Study visa:

If you are a student who want to study in South Africa under any programme then this type of VISA is for you. While applying for this type of VISA you should present a prove that you have been considered for admission and also you should be able to provide all information about the programme like the duration.

Work visa :

Work visa is a visa that is issued to applicant who have been able to secured a job in South Africa. Please note that the duration of your stay will be determines by the type and nature of work. Work Visa is further subdivided into General work, Critical skill work and Intra-company Transfer Work Visas.

Business Visa :

Are you an entrepreneur or an investor who wish to open a line of business in South Africa or who have a business partner in South Africa? If yes then This type of Visa will be issued to you but first you must sign an undertaken that your total workforce of about 60% will be citizen of South Africans. You also need to present prove that will show that you have the needed financial strength to carry out such business.

Corporate Visa :

You want to work with a corporate organization in South Africa? This Visa allows such corporate organizations recruit or employ foreign expatriates . This type of Visa don’t last more than 3 years.

Medical Visa:

This type of Visa has a maximum duration of 6 months which will allow individuals access medication in South Africa. You need a prove from a recognized hospital here in Nigeria to show the reason why they are sending you to South Africa for treatment.

South Africa Embassy in Lagos

Address: Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way. Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I. Lagos

Tel: +234-1-4612050, +234-1-4612061, +234-1-4612067, +234-1-4612066 and +234-1-4612981.

South Africa Embassy in Abuja

Address: South Africa Visa Application Centre. Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083. Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja.

Tel: +234-9-4624200, +234-9-4133776, +234-9-7822850 and +234-9-7822852.

South Africa in Port Harcourt

Address: Vineyard Shopping Centre. 88 Woji Road, GRA. Port Harcourt

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