The Voice Nigeria Registration 2022/2023 and Audition Date |

The Voice Nigeria Registration 2022/2023 and Audition Date | The Voice Nigeria Audition Venue –

When will the  Voice of Nigeria Registration start this year? I want to register for the Voice of Nigeria 2022/2023 if you are among those who asked such questions and really want to know when the Voice of Nigeria Registration is going to start then this post is for you.

Just slowly read this article from A-Z as we are going to show you the step by step guide on how to register, the necessary requirements you must meet , the starting and closing date of the registration. All of this will be discussed here today

The Voice Nigeria Registration 2022/2023

For those of us who don’t really know what the Voice Nigeria is all about;it’s reality talent show, showcasing Nigeria’s strongest undiscovered vocalists as they compete for an ultimate prize with the help of some established superstar coaches.

it’s just the Nigerian version or prototype of the TV series The Voice. It is been aired on Africa Magic television channels Showcase and Urban on DStv in Nigeria the program is usually sponsored by Airtel and Coca-Cola.

So if you are looking for a TV series that will not only help you improve on your singing skills but also on your style then it is no other but the voice of Nigeria.

Judges of the voice of Nigeria 2022/2023

TO make the program stand out from the rest, the organizer of the program (Airtel and Coca-Cola) will be engaging some panel of judges to not only make the program lively but also transparent.
Expect to see the likes of Waje, Partoranking, Yemi Alade and Timi Dakolo who are there to bring out the best skills in you.

Stages of the voice of Nigeria 2022/2023

The Voice of Nigeria 2022/2023 is scheduled to run on just 3 stages only and they are as follows:

  1. The Blind Auditions
  • The Battle round
  • The Live Shows.

  • The blind Audition: the blind audition is the first stage of the voice of Nigeria. Here all performing artistes and the coaches will have to turn their back against the contestant, at this point the contestant will start singing for just 1 and 30 minds. Immediately the time elapse the coaches will ask the contestant to stop while they decides if they want him or her in their team.

Note: at this stage (the blind audition) each coach is expected to have at most 12 talents in their team.

  • The Battle round: in this state each talent are usually paired into two by the coach. A song is given to them to sing and at the end of the song the coach will decide to pick one talent while the other talent might be stolen by their opponent or have to exit.

Note: Each coach has just only 2 steals.

  • The Live Shows: here a talent is assigned a song to perform. Please note that at this stage the coach has 4 Talents and he only has the opportunity to save just one while the rest will be decided by the public…through a transparent voting system.

From what we just explained above it might look confusing but if you watch the show live on TV you will agree with me that it’s something no one should ever miss out from.

Note: at the end of the show only 8 finalist will ever emerge, from here the public will be asked to vote their choice or which talent they think performed better.

How to Apply for ‘The Voice Nigeria’ Audition

  • Before you commence your application ensure you are residing in Nigeria.
  • You must have a valid means of identification

To apply kindly follow the link here

You must be of good behavior

The Voice Nigeria Registration Requirement 2022/2023

Before you fill the form it’s important you go through this requirement.
Please note that you will be required to provide the following information and which must not be false:

  • Name
  • Country of Residence
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • Mobile Number
  • Home Address And Place Of Work (If Any)
  • Nationality I.e your country
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Country, Email, Marital Status ,GenderHome Language,Other Languages,
  • What genre of music do you perform in?

Do you play an instrument/s (name the instrument/s)


Season Premiere Finale Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place Winning coach Presenters Coaches (order)
1 2 3 4
1 2016 2016 A’rese Chike Cornel Brenda Waje IK Osakioduwa (main)
Stephanie Coker (assistant)
2Baba Waje Patoranking Timi
2 2017 2017 Idyl Ebube Syemca WOW Timi Yemi


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