UK used laptops in computer village prices 2022 second-hand ( Nigeria)

UK used laptops in computer village see prices  second-hand affordable laptop (in Nigeria)

Due to the economic downturn as a result of the fall in oil revenues, increasing exchange rate, fall in the standard of living among Nigerians and above all fall in the purchasing power of the naira most Nigerians can’t really afford a brand new laptop.UK used laptops computer village

The only alternative right now available to most Nigerian is either to go for a fairly used UK laptop that are very cheap when compared with the like of brand new Apple products etc.

In this article we are going to give you a fair market price list which should guide you when going for a UK used or second hand laptops here in Nigeria.

With out being told computer village remains the right place to source for chap laptops in Nigeria, Most distributors in and around the county travel all the way to computer village to get UK laptops in large quantities.

One of the beauty of computer village, Ikeja is that the market is open to both wholesalers and retailers. If you want to pick just one laptop you will still be attended to though the price might be slightly cheaper if you choose to buy in bulk.

Guide in buying a fairly use laptops in Nigeria.

Before you buy any UK used or second-hand laptop in Nigeria you should first ask your self ” what am i using this laptop for? ” this question will guide you in making the right decision.

Check the battery life :

this is Nigeria where 24 hours electricity supply is almost impossible in major cities across the 36 state of the federal. Spend your time to access the battery life, have it in mind that some dealers might change the follow come battery.

Check the screen resolution:

normally most sellers will upload a beautiful wall paper to make everything look cool and appealing to buyers. Change the wall paper or remove it entirely, inspect the screen for possible crack or dent, lastly check if the graphics are good.

Go for well known brands:

Go for well known brand like Dell, MacBook, HP, Lenovo, Acer. These products we listed here are known for their excellence performance and good battery life.

Don’t be carried away by what the seller says:

if you don’t know much about laptops go with someone who knows every details about laptops. Don’t ever rely on what the seller says because he or she is only after his business and not after your satisfaction.

Check for WiFi connection:

WiFi connection allows you to connect with other device to browse. A laptop with this feature will allow you to easily connect your phone internet connection via Hotspot to the laptop with out any need to get a modem.

Finally check if the motherboard is responsive at all, check for possible noise or heat, after that check the keyboard if they are working, check the RAM also

HP laptops in computer village and their prices

HP 15 Intel Core i3 500gb/4gb N88,000
HP 250/15 Intel Celeron 500gb/4gb N75,000
HP 6735 Notebook 250gb/2gb N48,000
HP Compaq 6730b Intel Core2 160gb/2gb N45,000
Hp Compaq 6910p 80gb/2gb N37,000
Hp Elitebook 2560p Corei5 320gb-4gb N68,000
HP ELITEBOOK 8440p i5 320gb/4gb N68,000
HP ELITEBOOK 8460p Intel Corei5 320gb-4gb N70,000
HP ELITEBOOK 8530p Core2 duo 250gb/2gb N50,000
HP Elitebook 8540p Core i5 500gb/4gb 1gb Nvidia N80,000
HP ELITEBOOK 8540p Corei7 320gb-4gb 1gb Graphics N88,000
Hp ELITEBOOK 8560P Corei7 500gb/4gb 1gb Graphics N95,000
Hp Elitebook 8560w i7 500gb/8gb 2gb Nvidia Graphics N140,000
HP Envy 15 Corei7 750gb/16gb 2gb Nvidia N220,000
HP Envy 15 Intel Corei5 1tb-6gb N175,000
Hp Folio 9470m Core i7 N125,000
HP Folio 9470m Corei5 500/4gb Ultrabook Back-lit N110,000
Hp Mini 5102 160gb/2gb 10inch N39,000
Hp Notebook 15 Core i5 1tb/8gb 2gb Nvidia N140,000
Hp Omen 15 Corei7 1tb+128ssd/12gb 4gb Nvidia gtx N340,000
HP Pavilion 15 Core i3 500gb/4gb N95,000
HP Pavilion 15 TouchScreen Corei5 750gb-8gb N135,000
HP Pavilion Dv4 Corei5 320gb-4gb N60,000
Hp Pavilion Dv6 Amd A8 Quadcore 320gb/4gb Graphics/Beats Audio N75,000
HP Pavilion G4 Corei5 500gb/4gb N75,000
Hp Pavilion G7 Amd Quadcore 320gb/4gb With Graphics N65,000
HP Probook 430 Ultraslim Corei3 128ssd/4gb N90,000
HP Spectre Core i7 256gb/8gb N330,000
HP Ultrabook 745 A10 500gb/4gb Back-lit keyboard N95,000

UK Used Lenovo laptops at Computer Village

Lenovo Ideapad Notebook Intel Pentium 500gb/4gb N68,000
Lenovo ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook Corei5 500gb/4gb N105,000
Lenovo Y700 Core i7 1tb/8gb 4gb Nvidia Gtx N260,000

UK Used Acer laptops at Computer Villag

Acer Aspire 3820t Core i3 320gb/4gb N58,000
Acer Aspire 5336 Dual Core 320gb/4gb N58,000
Acer Aspire 5530 Amd Dual 250gb/2gb N50,000
Acer Aspire 7741 Corei3 320gb-4gb With Graphics 17 inch N60,000

UK Used Apple MacBook in Computer Village

2016/17 Apple Macbook Pro Corei5 256ssd/8gb Touchbar N460,000
2016/17 Apple Touchbar Corei7 256ssd/16gb N610,000
Apple Macbook Air 13inch 128ssd/4gb N230,000
Apple Macbook Air Corei5 128gb/4gb 11inch N200,000
Apple MacBook Air Corei5 128gb/8gb N270,000
Apple Macbook Air Corei5 64gb/2gb 11 inch N140,000
Apple MacBook Air Corei5 64gb/2gb 13 inch N170,000
Apple MacBook Core M 256ssd/8gb N295,000
Apple Macbook Pro core 2 500gb/4gb 13 inch N140,000
Apple Macbook Pro Corei5 500gb/4gb 13inch N180,000
Apple Macbook Pro Corei7 750gb/8gb 13inch N230,000
Apple Macbook Pro Retina Corei5 128ssd/8gb N280,000
Apple MacBook Pro Retina Corei7 512gb/16gb N430,000
Apple Macbook Pro Retina i7 256ssd/16gb 15inch N390,000
Apple Macbook White 250gb/4gb Unibody 13inch N75,000

UK Used Dell laptops at Computer Village

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Corei7 1tb/8gb 4gb Nvidia Gtx N300,000
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 X360 Core i3 500gb/4gb full HD N135,000
Dell Inspiron 15 Core i7 1tb/8gb 4gb Ati Radeon N195,000
Dell Inspiron 15 Corei5 1tb/8gb 4gb Nvidia gtx N260,000
Dell Inspiron 15 Intel 500gb/4gb N75,000
Dell Inspiron 5010 Corei5 500gb/4gb 1gb Graphics N75,000
Dell Inspiron 5520 i3 320gb/4gb N70,000
Dell Inspiron N5030 Dual Core 250gb/3gb N55,000
Dell Latitude E5510/5410/6510/6410 Core i5 320gb/4gb N60,000
Dell Latitude E6420 Core i5 320gb/4gb N65,000
Dell Latitude E6420 Core i7 500gb/4gb keyboard light N90,000
Dell Latitude E6500 Intel Pentium 250gb/2gb N45,000
Dell Latitude E6540 Core i7 1tb/8gb 2gb Ati Radeon Graphics N170,000
Dell Latitude E7440 Ultrabook Corei5 128gb-4gb Keyboard Light N105,000
Dell Precision M4400 Core2 250gb/4gb With Graphics/KeyboardLight N50,000
Dell Precision M4600 Core i7 500gb/8gb 2gb Nvidia N150,000
Dell Vostro 3500 corei3 320gb/4gb N65,000
Dell Xps 15 Core i7 1tb+256ssd/16gb 2gb Nvidia N330,000
Dell Xps 15 Core i7 750gb-8gb 2gb Nvidia N190,000

Used Asus Laptops & Prices in Computer Village

  • Asus A53E Intel P 320gb/4gb === N60,000
  • Asus K601j Intel P 320gb/4gb === N60,000
  • Asus RoG Core i7 500g/8gb 1gb Graphics === N130,000
  • Asus ROG G750j Core i7 1tb+128ssd/16gb 4gb Nvidia Gtx === N240,000

Used Samsung Laptops & Prices in Computer Village

  • Samsung Notebook RG515 250gb/3gb === N55,000
  • Samsung R505 Core i3 320gb-4gb === N60,000
  • Samsung/Lenovo Mini PC 160gb/2gb === N35,000

Used Toshiba Laptops & Prices in Computer Village

  • Toshiba Qosmio X870 Core i7 1tb+128ssd/8gb 3gb Nvidia === N170,000
  • Toshiba Satellite C655 Corei5 === N65,000
  • Toshiba Satellite L655d Dual Core 320gb-4gb === N57,000
  • Toshiba Satellite Z930 Ultrabook Very Slim 128ssd/6gb keyboard light === N95,000
  • Detachable Toshiba PC 500gb/4gb === N90,000

Other Laptops & Prices in Computer Village

Microsoft surface pro 4 Core m 128gb/4gb N165,000
Microsoft Surface RT Intel Pentium 64gb-2gb N70,000
MSi CR61 PC Intel 250gb/4gb N55,000
Msi Gamers Core i7 1tb+128ssd/8gb 4gb Gtx 1050 N310,000
Fujitsu Lifebook A512 Corei3 320gb-4gb N60,000
Gateway PC EG70 Amd EG71 17inch With Graphics 320gb/4gb N60,000
Intel 250/4gb N55,000

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