What To Do When Jamb Says You Should Do Change Of Course Or Institution

What To Do When Jamb Says You Should Do Change Of Course Or Institution

Did you received a message from jamb that you should change your institution or course else you lose your admission? if yes this article we give you a clear guide on how to resolve all this issues.

this article is carefully written for those who recently received a message from jamb that they must do a jamb change of institution or course else they will lose their admission.

We are going to discuss the possible way out and you you can effectively carry out the JAMB instructions effectively so that you won’t lose your hard earned admission.

a few number of jamb candidates have been complaining of receiving a message from jamb that they are being asked to change their course or institution.

“You must apply for change of course/institution before printing your admission letter. The admission can be revoked if the change is not affected online within two weeks”.

jamb says change course or institution

The above was a message sent to me via my email address, this kept me puzzled for over some time when i first got this message. honestly JAMB has never sounded this way before.

But on a second look and after reaching out to some respected friends in my tutorial center, we came to a conclusion that those who got that message from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board have a very low JAMB score which might denied them of their admission.

what’s the way out.
you have to get the jamb change of course form as quickly as you can and chose a course or institution as they demand

Please note this points:
before taking any action you must first read and understand All that jamb demands from you, read out and understand their instructions before taking any action.

for those who where offered admission into another university or institution must get the change of institution form then modify the data online to suit the new school.

If you where given admission in the same school you choose then this means that your cut off mark is far below the course you choose, to settle this issue get the change of course form and change to another course that requires low cut off mark

how do i apply for a jamb change of course/Institution?


jamb change of institution and course form are being sold for just 2500, it’s not free of charge and must be done at a jamb accredited Center. although I have written a step by step guide you must follow here

We love to hear feedback from you, how did you apply those changes jamb asked you. you can use the comment box below as others are willing to learn from your experience and it will also help us to create better content in our next article.

Do you still have any question to ask? if yes just kindly drop it below

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5 thoughts on “What To Do When Jamb Says You Should Do Change Of Course Or Institution”

  1. I am in my 300L now.i dnt have jamb addmision letter .I have tried to print my admission letter tody .i made de payment,proceeding to print it .jamb say my course of admission is different from my couse applied,dat i should apply for chang of course,.can i apply for it?

  2. About the admission revoke.
    I was given admission yesterday,2019 Admission but the service for correction of data for 2019 is unavailable. I went to jamb head state in Abeokuta, they told me the 2 weeks revoke doesn’t mean since the service is unavailable. What can I do to that?

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing, I have been thinking about when the change of course form was going to come out. My nephew wrote JAMB and he wanted to change his course, this will make him really happy. I really appreciate it and I want to be honest with you, I love your style of writing and choice of words. I shared something on my site and it will be an honor if you could visit my site through this link. Thank you.

  4. Hi
    I got this message in my jamb caps earlier today
    Can I change my course from political science to law back

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