after jamb 2023/2024 registration what next?

after jamb 2023/2024 registration what next?

We believed that you have successfully registered for the 2023/2024 jamb and having done that most candidate start asking what next after jamb registration?
what next after jamb
a lot of jamb candidates are confused about the next step to take after they have completed their registration, we’ll if you fall into this category then this article might be helpful to you.

what next after  jamb registration


after registration your  jamb what comes up next are:

Get all jamb relevant syllabus : the first thing I will advise any jamb candidate to do is to get all relevant jamb syllabus, scan through them and start studying hard. click here to view all jamb syllabus

Get all jamb past questions:
study very hard : you can’t do without jamb past questions and answers, it’s important you study hard with it click here on how to use jamb past questions to pass jamb

don’t depend on expo: anyone telling you to depend on Jamb expo is your number one enemy of your success, never you depend on expo for anything, it works before but not in cbt

Get prepared for jamb mock: jamb mock comes up before jamb exams, it serves as a testing ground for the main jamb exam.
Please note that jamb mock is not compulsory or mandatory but it gives you the real experience of how jamb cbt will be like. click here to read more on Jamb mock

Get ready to print your Jamb slip: please not that it’s a must you reprint your Jamb slip as this will let you know your exam date, venue and time click here to check if they have started reprint of jamb slip
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