Courses offered in LASU 2023/2024 requirement |accredited courses

Courses offered in LASU 2023/2024 requirement |accredited courses offered in Lagos state university (social sciences, art, science & educational)

Whatever reason inspired you To pursue a university education, studying in LASU will help you achieve your goals and also actualizing your dreams will become so easy. The institution came into existence in 1983 when the enabling law of Lagos state gave the then state governor the go-ahead-order to establish the institution.
courses offered in Lasu

As at today LASU has produce graduates that are dominating every field of life e.g Cossy Orjiakor,Dolly Unachukwu, Chioma Chukwuka, Desmond Elliot are all alumni of LASU. Many Nigerians don’t even know that wizkid is also an alumni of LASU.

What about the population of LASU? we can’t fail to talk about the enrollment rate and statistics of LASU. Should in case you don’t know LASU remains the only state university that top JAMB statistical chart on yearly basis. As at today the school has about 35,000 students studying various courses under the full time program only.

JAMB subject combination for all courses

List Of Courses Offered by LASU (Lagos State University, Ojo)

1. ARTS – B.A. English

– B.A. Arabic

– B.A. Christian Studies

– B.A. Islamic Studies

– B.A. History & International Studies

– B.A. Music

– B.A. Theatre Arts

– B.A. Portuguese / English

– B.A. French

– B.A. Yoruba

– B.A. Philosophy

2. EDUCATION – B.A (Ed) Arabic

– B.A (Ed) Christian Religious Studies

– B.A (Ed) Islamic Studies

– B.A (Ed) English

– B.A (Ed) French

– B.A (Ed) History

– B.A (Ed) Yoruba

– B.A (Ed) Biology

– B.A (Ed) Chemistry

– B.A (Ed) Mathematics

– B.A (Ed) Physics

– B.A (Ed) Physical & Health Education

– B.A (Ed) Health Education

– B.A (Ed) Computer Science

– B.A (Ed) Educational Technology

– B.A (Ed) Business Education

– B.A (Ed) Accounting

– B.A (Ed) Educational Management

– B.A (Ed) Geography

– B.A (Ed) Economics

– B.A (Ed) Political Science

3 LAW – LLB (Law)
5. MANAGEMENT SCIENCES – B.Sc. Public Administration

– B.Sc. Marketing

– B.Sc. Accounting

– B.Sc. Banking & Finance

– B.Sc. Management Technology

– B.Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

– B.Sc. Insurance

– B.Sc. Business Administration

6. SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION – B.Sc. Mass Communication
7. SCIENCE – B.Sc. B.Sc. Biochemistry

– B.Sc. Botany

– B.Sc. Chemistry

– B.Sc. Fisheries & Aquatic Biology

– B.Sc. Mathematics

– B.Sc. Microbiology

– B.Sc. Physics

– B.Sc. Zoology

– B.Sc. Computer Science

8. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE – M.B.B.S (Medicine & Surgery)

– B.Sc. Physiology

– B.DS Dentistry

– BNSc. Nursing

9. SOCIAL SCIENCES – B.Sc. Geography & Planning

– B.Sc. Psychology

– B.Sc. Economics

– B.Sc. Political Science

– B.Sc. Sociology

10. SCHOOL OF TRANSPORT – B.Sc. Transport
11. ENGINEERING – B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

– B.Sc. Electronics & Computer Engineering

– B.Sc. Chemical and Polymer Engineering

LASU is not meant for the lazy ones, now that you have decided to pitch your tenth with the institution, you must take your studies very serious because the institution is all about competition and only the strong and brilliant ones can have a headway.

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