LASU school fees 2023/2024 acceptance fee

LASU school fees  acceptance fee |hostel accommodation for freshers and returning students |indigenes and non indigenes

Planning your schooling for this academic session? Lagos state university is one of the welcoming and hospitable institutions in Nigeria, located in the commercial heart of Nigeria, it is really a place where there is no dull moment.
Lasu school and acceptance fee
LASU is a multi-campus collegiate and non-residential institution that is open to every Nigerian irrespective of tribes and religion, in fact religious tolerance is very high here.Foreigners are also welcome.

Established in 1983 Lagos state university now has about Nine faculties that are consistently offering variety of courses from Art, engineering, social sciences, management sciences, law, education and lots more you will definitely find your dream career in LASU.

This page contains all the fees (school fees, acceptance fees and hostel accommodation fee) that an undergraduate student of the Lagos state university is going to pay.

All fees listed here should just be a guide as we noticed that there might be little changes at any moment of time, although if there is any changes the management of LASU will communicate that to us through the school portal.

You all know that LASU is a state university which means that services here will be on the high side compare to UNILAG which is a federal university

LASU School Fees Schedule


We are going to provide all fees payable in tabular form.
From the table below you can see that in LASU some faculties pay higher than some. Faculty of law and Engineering seems to pay higher while faculty of art, social sciences and Education are on the same scale.
With out waisting your time let’s present the Lagos state university school fees to you.

1. European Languages (French and Russian). 113,250
2. Creative Art: Music 113,250
3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts 113,250
4. Creative Art: Visual Arts 113,250
5. History 113,250
6. Philosophy 113,250
7. Linguistics, African and Asian 113,250
8. English Literature 113,250
9. English Language 113,250
1. Transport Planning and Management 113,250
2. Public and international affairs 113,250
3. Sociology 113,250
4. Psychology 113,250
5. Social Works 113,250
6. Political Science 113,250
7. Mass Communication and Journalism 113,250
8. Economics 113,250
9. Business Administration 113,250
10. Finance 113,250
11. Management 113,250
12. Accounting 113,250
13. Insurance 113,250
14. Industrial relations and personnel management 113,250
1. Jurisprudence and International Law 115,750
2. Legal Studies 115,750
3. Private and Property Law 115,750
4. Islamic Law 115,750
5. Public Law 115,750
6. Commercial and Industrial Law 115,750
1. Fishery Sciences 115,750
2. Biology 115,750
3. Microbiology 115,750
4. Botany 115,750
5. Zoology 115,750
6. Computer Science 115,750
7. Chemistry 115,750
8. Physics 115,750
9. Mathematics and Statistics 115,750
1. Mechanical Engineering 115,750
2. Electronic and Computer Engineering 115,750
3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering 115,750
1. Dentistry 115,750
2. Medicine and Surgery 115,750
1. Biochemistry 115,750
2. Physiology 115,750
1. Sociology of Education 113,250
2. Physiology of Education 113,250
3. Education Psychology 113,250
4. Educational Administration and Planning 113,250
5. Curriculum Theory 113,250
6. Religious Education 113,250
7. Islamic Studies Education 113,250
8. Christian Religious Studies 113,250
9. Yoruba Education 113,250
10. French Education 113,250
11. English Literature Education 113,250
12. English Education 113,250
13. Business Education 113,250
14. Technology Education 113,250
15. Home Economics Education 113,250
16. Sports Administration/Management 113,250
17. Exercise Physiology 113,250
18. Human Kinetics and Health Education 113,250
19. History Education 113,250
20. Geography Education 113,250
21. Social Studies Education 113,250
22. Integrated Science Education 113,250
23. Chemistry Education 113,250
24. Biology Education 113,250
25. Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education 113,250
26. Adult Education 113,250
27. Adult Education Management 113,250
28. Guidance and Counseling 113,250

LASU Acceptance Fees Schedule 2020/2021

What’s the cost of Lagos state university acceptance? when is the deadline for lasu acceptance fee payment? lasu acceptance fee payment portal. This has been the question we got from aspirant or newly admitted student of LASU.

In Lagos State university acceptance fee remains non refundable, if you pay it, it won’t be refunded back to you even if you choose to withdrawn from LASU.

Immediately you find out that you have been offered a provisional admission into LASU the first thing to do is to pay your acceptance fee of 30,000 only.

Note that you will have to pay N10,000.00 separately. This ten thousand naira is for medical screening which will show how fit you are,blood group, genotype and lots of information about you.

There is a procedure that the management of LASU recently brought out and it’s a must read for all newly admitted students of LASU.

LASU Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

Now that you are fully ready to pay your acceptance fee, you need to follow this method to do that now:

  1. Name,
  2. Phone number
  3. Jamb reg number
  4. Email address etc.

Immediately you input all this details, you should click submit while the system redirect you to Remita payment processor..


anything that have to do with student accommodation is handle by Students’ Affairs Division of the Lagos state university.

Note that there is limited space in the hostel so you are advise to go and process your accommodation on time.

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