LASU postgraduate school form 2023/2024 school fees and admission requirements

LASU postgraduate school form  school fees and admission requirements |Lagos state university school application portal & fees

Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo will be inviting interested members of the public who possess the required and necessary requirements to apply for the Lagos state university postgraduate schools.
Lasu departmental cut off mark

The Lagos state postgraduate school came into existence in January 1992.

Here is LASU Postgraduate Admission – General Entry Requirements 2023/2024


  • The Lagos state university postgraduate school will require you to present your O level results. This O level results should be either WAEC, NECO or GCE but the main thing here is that you must have at least 5 credits.
  • Applicants must have completed the mandatory NYSC program.
  • Applicants should submit their transcripts not later than two weeks from the date the sales of forms was announced.

Here is How to Apply for LASU Postgraduate Admission

The LASU postgraduate school application form will cost you N25,300.00 remember that this fee is non refundable.

ALSO remember that an exam that is in form of an aptitude test will be conducted and only those who perform well will be admitted.


Closing Date of LASU Postgraduate Admission

The closing date of LASU postgraduate Admission has not been made known, you can visit the links we have provided above for further assistance on that.

lasu postgraduate courses and requirement

click here to view all requirements needed from you

LASU Postgraduate school fees

For those who want to get a clear picture of LASU post graduate school fees, here we have provided it in a tabular form, in way it should be easy to understand… I guess so.

Remember that you need to pay an acceptance fee of 20,000. ( twenty thousand naira only)

1. European Languages (French and Russian). 113,250
2. Creative Art: Music 113,250
3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts 113,250
4. Creative Art: Visual Arts 113,250
5. History 113,250
6. Philosophy 113,250
7. Linguistics, African and Asian 113,250
8. English Literature 113,250
9. English Language 113,250
1. Transport Planning and Management 113,250
2. Public and international affairs 113,250
3. Sociology 113,250
4. Psychology 113,250
5. Social Works 113,250
6. Political Science 113,250
7. Mass Communication and Journalism 113,250
8. Economics 113,250
9. Business Administration 113,250
10. Finance 113,250
11. Management 113,250
12. Accounting 113,250
13. Insurance 113,250
14. Industrial relations and personnel management 113,250
1. Jurisprudence and International Law 115,750
2. Legal Studies 115,750
3. Private and Property Law 115,750
4. Islamic Law 115,750
5. Public Law 115,750
6. Commercial and Industrial Law 115,750
1. Fishery Sciences 115,750
2. Biology 115,750
3. Microbiology 115,750
4. Botany 115,750
5. Zoology 115,750
6. Computer Science 115,750
7. Chemistry 115,750
8. Physics 115,750
9. Mathematics and Statistics 115,750
1. Mechanical Engineering 115,750
2. Electronic and Computer Engineering 115,750
3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering 115,750
1. Dentistry 115,750
2. Medicine and Surgery 115,750
1. Biochemistry 115,750
2. Physiology 115,750
1. Sociology of Education 113,250
2. Physiology of Education 113,250
3. Education Psychology 113,250
4. Educational Administration and Planning 113,250
5. Curriculum Theory 113,250
6. Religious Education 113,250
7. Islamic Studies Education 113,250
8. Christian Religious Studies 113,250
9. Yoruba Education 113,250
10. French Education 113,250
11. English Literature Education 113,250
12. English Education 113,250
13. Business Education 113,250
14. Technology Education 113,250
15. Home Economics Education 113,250
16. Sports Administration/Management 113,250
17. Exercise Physiology 113,250
18. Human Kinetics and Health Education 113,250
19. History Education 113,250
20. Geography Education 113,250
21. Social Studies Education 113,250
22. Integrated Science Education 113,250
23. Chemistry Education 113,250
24. Biology Education 113,250
25. Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education 113,250
26. Adult Education 113,250
27. Adult Education Management 113,250
28. Guidance and Counseling 113,250

If you have any question to ask about the Lagos state university postgraduate schools you can use the comment section to ask.

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  1. Good day
    my name is Angela please i want to know how many times can we pay the school fees or 113,250 include all the semester please clarify me


    1. Good day.
      Is the applicant required to submit his/her transcript himself or he should ask his University to send it to PGD office Lagos State University

    2. I think the payment is for a session, therefore, the during of your program will now determine the subsequent payment, Please, is there a way we can connect, I’m equally planning to enroll.

  2. Blessing Akpabio

    Good day,

    Please i would like to know if there is PGD part time for project management and also for planning studies.

  3. Good day,

    My name is Nike, please when will the sales of LASU Postgraduate Application Form for this year begin?


  4. Atansuyi Olusegun

    Good mourning,

    My name is Segun, please when will the sales of lasu MBA application form for this year begin?


  5. Bro from this post, you said submission of transcript before two weeks after the date they started selling the form. Now my question is,does failing to submit academic transcript stop the school from giving the applicant admission cus to me I feel admission is given based on performance in the test taken and transcript is only requested after admission, during student registration process..

  6. Amoo oluwatoyin

    My name is toyin.Please i will like to know if been exempted from Nysc will affect my addmission also.i graduated in 2002 with a third class .Thanks

    1. Nkpara Kennedy

      If you have your exemption letter then you good to go… What the school needs is your Nysc discharge or explanation letter.

    2. Pls can hnd holder in hospitality management apply for PhD in education in lasu

  7. please when will the form be on sale and when is the dead line…please kindly find time to reply,thank you.

  8. Hi,
    Good morning. Pls I have in computer science and I want to apply for masters in computer security.

  9. Uka Chimezie C

    Good morning, please I want to confirm if second class upper graduate(HND holder) of mechanical engineering can actually run PGD in LASU with out restrictions

  10. Uka Chimezie C

    Good morning.
    Pls can a second class upper HND holder in mechanical engineering enrol to run PGD in LASU with out restriction

  11. Oladehin faith

    Good morning, please i want to know if the pgd form is still on for sale, and the deadline please. Thanks

  12. Oduola Taofeekat

    Hi. My name is Taofeekat. I made the payment of #25,300 on behalf of a friend and I followed all the due processes. I generated the application number in step 1 first, then proceeded to step 2 and made a successful payment. However, when I got to step 3, I was asked to fill in the application number and surname which I did but I was told the details were incorrect. I’ve been on it for the past three days and I’m really confused now. What’s going on please?

  13. @ Taofikat, kindly visit the ICT director’s office to lodge your complains. Sure, within 10mins your complaint shall be resolved. It happened to me as well but was resolved. Thanks

  14. Adeowo olufunmilola

    Hi,please I want to ask when is the entrance exam date going to be out and are we going to be notify through SMS or what?
    Thank u

  15. nwaka uchechukwu

    Excellent day sir, My name is Samuel. Please sir can someone that studied Agricultural Engineering select Electronics and Computer Engineering in Pgd and also can i do part-time.

  16. I graduated from department of English language, n i want to go for my masters in communication and language arts,do Lasu have such course, n if no can I go for mass communication or any oda courses under faculty of arts like International studies? Pls I need urgent answer tanks.

  17. Good afternoon, I paid for the lasu postgraduate form but I am still doing my nysc , I will be done early next year, will this affect me..I didn’t read the requirements correctly.

  18. Hi please is the PGD form for 2020 session still on sale? If yes, how much is the sold for?. Thanks in anticipation.

  19. Ajetunmobi Sinmisola Kehinde

    Good day,please when will the qualifying exam come up?
    And I also heard the exam will be based on one’s jamb subject combination, please how true is that? Thanks

  20. Olude Mary Opeyemi

    1.What if you don’t go for NYSC what should one do?
    2. What if one did sandwich program,can one enrol?
    3. When will the form close?

  21. Olude Mary Opeyemi

    1. What can one that doesn’t do NYSC do if he want to enrol
    2. Can someone that did sandwich program enrol
    3.Is the form still on sales and when it close. Thanks

  22. Aworinde olusola abimbola

    Pls I studied com put science for my HND program, is it possible to convert to education line in post graduate studies like studying French education or education technology

  23. Aworinde olusola abimbola

    And what month would the form be out cos on the site here there is no month stated that the form would be out

  24. is pgd form for 2020/2021 out and how much is the total package.
    can someone with third class in accounting pick form for pgd

  25. is pgd form for 2020/2021 out and how much is the total package.
    can someone with third class in accounting pick form for pgd

  26. Good day sir,
    I cant find MASTER IN CRIMINOLOGY, SECURITY AND LEGAL PSYCHOLOGY [MCSLP] among the school fees list.

    Meanwhile, when is the form will be on sale?

  27. How many semesters do we have for postgraduate programme? Is the school fees stated for d whole postgraduate programme? Will be passing out by JUNE can I still obtain d form after POP?

  28. Please i need clarification to masters in computer science. I studied mathematics in my undergraduate, so i want to do my masters in computer science. Is that very possible?

  29. Is the school fees the same for part-time programs. i also like to know how they run their part-time Masters in Social work. Is lectures Fridays and Saturdays

  30. I have bsc biochemistry and I wish to study either MBA or msc Islamic studies please is it possible please guide me through

  31. May I know if as an hnd holder in microbiology can enrol for busness administration for PGD and how may times can the payment be made. the 113,250 is it for the whole session or per semester.

    thank you

  32. Please when is the form for post graduate diploma 2020/2021 will be out.
    And secondly how do I get information about the post graduate school when d form is finally out

  33. Yahya Yahya Babatunde

    Hello, I will love to receive update on when the form will be out. If possible, the admin should create a WhatsApp group for the update. This is my number


  35. Hello sir, I applied for master’s degree on December 2020, please when is the screening exercise coming up and again, I saw that we are to submit our transcript 2weeks after applying. Sir, are we to submit it before the screening exercise or after the exercise? Please clarify me. Thanks

  36. Please if there’s any WhatsApp group for M.ED master’s in education, mathematics precisely, please add me but if not add me to master’s in education group. Thanks. 08152278740

  37. Am Ralph by name
    I have HND in banking and finance withminister PGD in journalism from Nigerian Institute of journalism.
    Can I apply for Msc in journalism at LASU?

  38. Please any WhatsApp group concerning the application for the post graduate programme. Please add me 07036312423

  39. Komolafe Samuel Pelumi

    Good morning, Pls I want you to add me to Lasu postgraduate school WhatsApp group … intending to apply this year 2022

    Pls ,what is the duration for master degree in lasu and school fees.. thanks.

    Biochemistry to be precised

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