Courses offered in AAU 2023/2024 |Accredited online courses

Courses offered in AAU|Accredited online courses offered in Ambrose Alli university Ekpoma.

In This article you will get to know a list of courses that has been accredited in Ambrose Alli university Ekpoma.

Ambrose Alli university Ekpoma, remains among the top best universities in Nigeria. It was established in 1981 and was previously known as Edo State University although before now it was once called Bendel State University.

Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma departmental cut off mark

Gone are the days when most Nigerian students will only prefer to study in only federal government owned institutions, Nowadays no one cares if it’s a private university, federal university or even a state university because at the end of the day it’s all about what you graduated with, be it first class or second class lower .

As a fresher In Ambrose Alli university Ekpoma, you will have all kind of exciting social and academic activities that best fits you, that is why you would here most people say ” there is no dull moment in AAU”

Although there has been cases of violence, cultism but all this Vices still exist in almost all other universities in Nigeria, the main thing there is to mind your business, understand what brought you to AAU, place your study as your number 1 priority then you wouldn’t have any worries about the stories you hear about in our universities.

AAU jamb cut off mark for all courses

To make this post shorter we aren’t going to go into full details about AAU JAMB cut off mark for all course.we have written a much broader post that will explain everything to you here. AAU JAMB subject combination for all courses

1 Accounting
2 Banking & Finance
3 Business Administration
4 Public Administration
1 Agriculture
1 English
2 French
3 History and International Studies
4 Philosophy
5 Religious Studies
6 Religious Management and Cultural Studies
7 Theatre and Media Arts
1 Human Physiology
2 Medical Laboratory Science
3 Nursing Science
1 Agricultural Education
2 Biology Education
3 Business Education
4 Chemistry Education
5 Curriculum Studies
6 Economics Education
7 Education Foundation
8 Educational Management
9 English Language Education
10 French Education
11 Geography Education
12 Guidance and Counseling
13 Health Education
14 History Education
15 Home Economics Education
16 Library and Information Science
17 Mathematics Education
18 Physical Education
19 Physics Education
20 Political Science Education
21 Religious Studies Education
22 Technology Education
1 Civil Engineering
2 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
3 Material and Production Engineering
4 Mechanical Engineering
1 Architecture
2 Building
3 Fine and Applied Arts
1 Law
1 Medicine and Surgery
1 Biochemistry
2 Botany
3 Chemistry
4 Computer Science
5 Geophysics
6 Industrial Mathematics
7 Industrial Chemistry
8 Mathematics
9 Microbiology
10 Physics
11 Statistics
12 Zoology
1 Economics
2 Geography and Regional Planning
3 Political Science
4 Psychology
5 Sociology

You can now decided which course that best fits you, don’t forget to check your jamb brochure because it will give you a clearer picture of these departments, in terms of what they requires that have not bee listed here. Like we told you before this post is all about a list of accredited courses, we didn’t go deeper like the requirements each department demands etc.

If you still have any questions to ask or anything to share from your wealth of experience you can drop it on the comment box below let’s get to hear your view.

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