Ask The Expert

How do I prevent someone from poaching my staff, especially after I have trained them?

A member of our Advisory Board, founder of the House of Tara and proprietor of Nigeria’s first make-up school, Tara Fela-Durotoye, answers this week’s question:

Staff members create the poaching because of their ambition. There is no way this can be curbed. Do your best within your business capacity to provide a fair and friendly work environment.

When your team knows that you genuinely care about them beyond work and their welfare, they would most often work like the business is theirs and take ownership. 

Some of the ways you can show that you care about your staff is taking interest in their goals and aspirations and supporting in any way you can, investing in their training, creating systems within your organization that help them 

Don’t be afraid to trust in people. Take a chance; you would eventually find your tribe that would stick with you.