UNN post utme screening form 2023/2024 DE

UNN post utme screening form  , Exam Date and timetable

as the jamb comes to an end most aspirant of UNN have been asking when will the post UTME screening form be out and what will it look like?

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in this article we shall not only
tell you when the post UTME form of the university of Nigeria shall be out, we shall also teach you how to calculate your screening score and also the cut off mark for various departments which is a must you get familiarize with it.

Candidates Eligible for UNN Post UTME


  • Before you purchase the post UTME screening form of UNN you must score nothing less than 180 mark in jamb.
  • those who are blind should score nothing less than 120 cut off mark
  • Apart from the cut off mark make sure you choose UNN as your first choice.
  • Finally you should have at least 5 credits pass in your O level results of which the use of english language should be among.

how much is UNN post utme screening form?

the screening form is 2,000. Jamb has directed all institutions to sell the much anticipated screening form of the university of Nigeria Nsukka at nothing more than 2000 naira.

Please note that this exclude bank charges and processing fees as you might even choose to process it your self because it is not that difficult.

UNN Departmental cut off mark

As you prepare for the forth coming  UNN post utme screening exercise, we will like you to look into the various cut off mark of UNN here

so we advise you through the various departments and compare their cut off mark. please use this as a yardstick to prepare ahead of the forthcoming post utme screening exercise

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How to Apply for UNN Post UTME

once you have purchased the screening form which should cost nothing less than 2000 naira. you are meant to follow this guide to successfully process your forms.

  • lunch your phone browser and login to www.unn.edu.ng
  • just look at the top right of your screen and click on UNN portal
  • wait for it to load and click on prospective students
  • now you have to select the application form based on the year under review
  • in the space provided enter your Jamb registration number
  • Dont fail to generate your invoice, after that rush to the nearest bank to make your payment.
  • after making your payment, return back to the portal and re-enter your Jamb registration number
  • you should enter your bio data such as your names, o level results, date of birth.

Please note that you should upload the following documents in the space provided accordingly :

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Local Government Identification
  3. Testimonial
  4. First School Leaving Certificate
  5. JAMB Result Slip
  6. O-Level 1
  7. O-Level 2 ( For double sitting candidates) and click the NEXT button

when done uploading this document, submit your application and don’t fail to print the acknowledgement slip which you must present during your screening exercise.

institution: University of Nigeria
university’s website unnportal.unn.edu.ng/
post UTME status: concluded
form price: #2000
cut of mark : 180 and above
Registration Deadline : concluded
universities support line: 08139833300
method of screening: JAMB UTME /Direct Entry

UNN Post UTME Screening Date and timetable

the screening date has not been made known yet but but it should be few months after jamb releases all results.

So keep visiting this page for more update and further directives.
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UNN Direct Entry form

as at the time of compiling this article we have to details about the much anticipated UNN direct entry forms, but don’t worry any time an update comes up we will inform you instantly.

Please note the following:

  • Please while coming to the hall keep your handset and other gadgets at home, don’t bring any calculator.
  • be at the exam venue on time and don’t enter the premises with your loved ones.

always abide by the rules and regulations sets up by the school authorities.

How UNN calculate post UTME score or how aggregate score is arrived at

Have you ever ask this question “How did UNN Calculate their Aggregate Score?” most times we get astonished and try to get a clear picture on how the university of Nigeria Nsukka calculates their marks but everything looks sketchy as no formal explanation is on the school official portal.
In this section we will attempt to clarify certain issues that have been kept secret from candidates.

First what is the aggregate score of your JAMB result? The aggregate score is just 60% while on the other hand your post UTME score and O level results will take 40%.

  • Now since we have known that 60% or 0.6 is for JAMB, now simply multiply your jamb score by 0.6 then keep it one side.
  • On the other hand, you also need to multiply your university of Nigeria Nsukka post UTME score by 0.4.
  • The last steps involves you to add your score both post UTME and JAMB to get your final score.

One thing you should note here is that your JAMB score plays an important roles in making things easier and also increasing your chances of being admitted.

What determines your chances of being admitted into UNN this year

  1. Number of Sittings: are you combining your O level results while applying for any programme in the university of Nigeria Nsukka? If yes be sure to get 6 points, if you are making use of one result then the university of Nigeria Nsukka will award you with 10 point.
  2. O level results: before applying for any course in the university of Nigeria Nsukka, what’s your O level grades are like? Is it A or B through out? This also determines.
  3. Jamb Score: this is the first factor, failure in this means that one will have to retake jamb.
  4. Departmental cut off marks: what’s your cut off mark like? Did you reach the departmental cut off mark of any department in the university of Nigeria Nsukka?
  5. Catchment policy: this area don’t have anything to do with merit, here if you are from an area considered as Educationally less state it will give you a boost.

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Things you must know about UNN

The University of Nigeria is known by most Nigerians as UNN which is the short form of University of Nigeria Nsukka. Please note that the university of Nigeria has several campuses which we will also throw some light on,the first latter of the town where these campuses are located are added to UN. Like Nsukka is added to UNN, while the the Enugu campus is add to UN to get UNEC.

as you all know UNN main campus is located in a remote town called Nsukka which is located in Enugu state a neighbouring state to Anambra, this campus is the most popular campuses .
With out wasting your time we will like you to know that The University of Nigeria operates 3 campuses and they are located in :

  1. Nsukka: this is the main campus of The University of Nigeria as it houses some major faculties such as the Agriculture, Biological Sciences, education, Engineering, sciences, social sciences and many more. Although Nsukka is a remote village but the the presence of this institution has attracted various businesses, shopping mall, banks and has now made this town one of the most popular town in southeast Nigeria . The abbreviation of this campus is UNN
  • Enugu : the Enugu campus is located in the heart of Enugu town, this campus houses the faculty of environmental Studies,Law, Business Administration,and Medical Sciences. It will be recalled that The University of Nigeria metamorphosis from the old Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology but in 1961 the then president of Nigeria in the person of late Azikiwe converted and renamed the college into a university. Now all the old buildings and everything you will think of are now being used by The University of Nigeria. To this end the abbreviation of this campus is UNEC
  • Ituku-Ozalla: this campus of UNN is said to house some important medical facilities and Departments. The renowned teaching hospital (UNTH) is located here not only that the faculty of Dentistry is also located here.

hope this article is helpful to you? please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in areas where you are confused.
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    1. It’s pretty possible all that is needed now is more effort on your side and prayer.

  1. Ohaegbulem amarachi juliet

    Please i score 280 on jamb and in my o level i got 3b and 6c and i put unn as my first chioce, and i want to study pharmacy, do i have the chance to gain admission

    1. Pls can 276 jamb score for who apply Unn as first choice in medicine and surgery be able to apply for post utme screening

    2. Ohanenye Paschal Chinedu

      I scored 242 in JAMB. I am going for Medical Laboratory technology. What are my chances of getting admission into the University of Nigeria

    3. i scored 226 in jamb and i chose UNN as my first choice i am going for pharmacy , what are my chances of getting admission

  2. Thanks for the article, I put unn as my first choice, 234 is my jamb score pls I applied accountancy as the course I want to study hope I will get the admission

  3. please i scored 233 in jamb and i want to go for english and literally study and their departmental score is 271 what should i do pls

    1. Please I scored 213 in jamb and I want to go for mass communication any Chance of me getting admitted

  4. Ohanenye Paschal Chinedu

    I scored 242 in JAMB. I am going for Medical Laboratory technology. What are my chances of getting admission into the University of Nigeria

  5. Chigozie Gideon

    Please I got 231 in jamb with 7b’s and 2c’s in waec.I want to study electronics engineering, UNN is my first school of choice. Should I hope for an admission.

  6. Please is there any Whatsapp group for unn aspirants??
    It’s really important so there can be an easier access of informations. please

  7. okpo livinus c

    my name is livinus i scored 207 in jamb 2019 i want to study law at my first choice being unn nsukka, and the cut off mark is 295 for law can i write post utme screening exam or should re sat for next jamb exam 2020

  8. Aniehe faith ogochukwu

    Please I score 180 in jamb and Wat to study banking and finances can I apply for d Post utme

  9. Dear Michael I would like to know if the post utme score is over 400 like jamb and if so, I have two sittings in my o’levels with majority of B’s and C’s and want to go in for architecture. My jamb score is 250. What are my chances of being admitted.

  10. Mary Okiebunor

    Dear Michael I would like to know if the post utme score is over 400 like jamb and if so, I have two sittings in my o’levels with majority of B’s and C’s and want to go in for architecture. My jamb score is 250. What are my chances of being admitted.

  11. Victoria Onyinyechukwu

    Hello Michael,I scored 215 in my jamb, 5 C’s nd 4 B’s in waec. Want to study English nd Literally studies.. is der a chance??

  12. You are a fool for calling nsukka a remote village or town. Edit that work and focus on what you are meant to do. “I’ve ethnic bias and illiteracy alone. Where do you come from. ilitrate.

  13. My name is omonu johnson I scored 226in jamb about to study elec/elec although using awaiting result that is Gce waec.what is my chances of gaining admission in unn

  14. Chukwuemeka Jerry

    Pls I scored 236 and I apply for geology in unn and unn as my first choice institution
    Pls hopes are for me?

  15. Is it true that the screening process that was from 26th August to 3rd September is now 16th and 17th of September

  16. Pls I just finished nce in agbor I want to apply for direct entry what are my chances of getting the admission and how do I get the form

  17. Eboh chinenyenwa

    I want to study linquistics and i scored 202 in my jamb and am still awaiting for ma o levels can i apply for post utme

  18. Chinedum Ubamdire Precious

    Please, i scored 208 in Jamb 2020, and i want to study medicine and surgery. My O level results are 6B3s, 2C6 and 1 C5

  19. Gbarako Philomena Waakae

    I just wrote my JAMB and I got 231. I put unn as my first choice to study physics. How will I get to know about the post utme exam and what should I do to partake in the exam?

    1. Hi Philomena, The most reliable source of information is the school website @ www.unn.edu.ng or the school portal www.unn.portal.edu.ng. You can monitor the site by frequent visit. The easiest way is to leave a tab on your phone or computer containing the school website, all you need to do is to refresh the page whenever you are online. I hope this helps. Goodluck.

    1. Dear Chibueze, your jamb score is quite low. Medicine is a very competitive course, hence, your chances of getting admission is very slim. After the post UTME, you can purchase the shopping form and choose another department in consonance with your final score. But if your only goal is to study medicine, you can retake jamb if you fail to get admission this year. Goodluck.

    1. Yes Stella. It’s possible you get admitted. Your post UTME scores should be very high. Just ensure to do well in your exams and other screening. Goodluck.

  20. Pls i scored 227 in jamb utme and i want to study med and surg in unn. Is it advisable that i go for post utme? Pls i need ur advise.

    1. i’m advising u to read hard for post-utme and back it up with prayer it will surely work for you.

  21. Please, I scored 250 in utme, and i’m opting for a degree in mathematics at unn.which I put as my first choice of institution. I made 4b’s 4c’s and an A in wassce.should I hope for admission?

  22. Dear Ifunanya. You have very good chances of being admitted through direct entry. Just monitor the sales of DE forms on the school portal. You can purchase your form from any educational centers. Your job is to study well and score 250 and above depending on your course. You might need a little bit of luck. Don’t forget to pray. Good luck.

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