how to calculate UNN aggregate cut off mark 2023/2024

now that you have successfully written the UNN post utme, you now ask your self what next after post utme screening screening exercise.
how to calculate unn cut off mark
I will like you to go through this interesting article i wrote about the things you need to do now that you have taken UNN post utme screening exerciseto keep your self busy.

Well for this article we shall discuss about how you can easily calculate your UTME score and screening score before you can arrive at your aggregate score.

Please note that unn aggregate score is the deciding factor when it comes to giving out admission to candidates, that’s the main reason i will like you to go through this article from A-Z so as to understand where you you are standing.

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how to calculate unn cut off mark 2022/2023

  1. UNN aggregate score is 100%, this 100% is made up of jamb score of 60% and post utme score of 40%.
  2. to convert your score based on what you score in jamb you have to multiple your Jamb Score times 0.6
  3. on the other hand you have to multiple your post utme score by 0.4%.
  4. Finally you can now sum the total score together to get your aggregate score for UNN

Please note that your aggregate score is the yardstick used by UNN in considering those they want to offer admission for the year under review.

there are other factors that comes into play when giving out admission apart from this aggregate score. they are as follows :

  1. O level results : please note that those who got As will be awarded 6 points, Bs 4 points while CA is 3 points.
  2. catchment area: those who are from Enugu state will be given special consideration, the same thing goes to those who are from South East states.

for those who have low aggregate score just calm down we also want you to note that all hope is not yet lost.
even though your school of choice didn’t admit you, other schools might still consider you for admission.
that is why i keep on telling candidates to always keep an eye on Jamb caps portal so as to fast track their admission. click here to check if other schools has offered you admission

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hope this article is helpful to you? please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in areas where you are confused.
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  1. I got 236 in Jamb to study Fine and applied arts without offering Fine arts in my O’level or Jamb, will I be considered even if I pass the cut off?

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