caps jamb gov ng candidate registration- admission

caps jamb gov ng candidate registration- admission

ever since jamb announced a new procedure used to admit candidates into various universities, Polytechnics and College of Education there has been misconception about the who thing.

Despite jamb sensitizing candidates on how to go about the newly introduced CAPS, most candidates are still finding it difficult to deploy this important tool to their advantage.

Please note that immediately after jamb examination, the exam board swiftly enables the Jamb CAPS portal to enable candidates fast track their admission.

Jamb caps enables candidate to check which school has considered them for admission, that is why you must login to jamb caps portal from time to time.

uses of jamb caps


jamb portal helps candidates who meet the cut off mark for various institutions to check their admission status

  • jamb caps portal can be use to ACCEPT an admission
  • on the other hand it can be use to REJECT a provisional admission.
  • important points to note when on JAMB CAPS Portal
  • once you see ADMITTED, congratulations it means you have been considered or offered an admission.
  • You must click on ACCEPT if you want to study in that school.
  • If for any reason you don’t like the institution you should click on the REJECT button.
  • once you see RECOMMENDED it means you will soon be considered for admission as jamb has recommended you to various schools to pick you
  • blank admission page shows that jamb is yet to upload your details.
  • When you see APPROVE, that means your admission has been approved by JAMB


You can check your admission free of charge unless you chose to go to the jamb registration centre or business center that’s when you will be charge for a service fee.

the good news is that accepting or checking of you have been offered admission is very simple.
Jamb has made everything so easy that you don’t necessarily need to go to the CBT Centres to queue up and stand under the sun just to check Your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal.


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