Jamb caps show Not Admitted, invalid credentials,email and password/welcome

Jamb caps show Not Admitted, invalid credentials,email and password/welcome.

Since the introduction of jamb caps portal We have heard numerous complaints which is frustrating candidates from accessing the portal to check their admission status.

Please I visited the CAPS website and it requested my username and password. I typed in my JAMB username and password and it told me “invalid login credentials”. Please what does it mean?”

Most are being taken to a page where they are showb invalid credentials and invalid email address or password while majority of jamb candidates are getting the frustrating No admission message.

Invalid login

We got this particular picture from a candidate who ran into same problems, this made me quickly come up with this post to address this issue.

What ever problems you facing don’t let it weigh you down as this guide will help you solve them forever.
All i want you to do is just to came down and read this guide from A-Z

Follow this simple trick to access the jamb caps portal via your Jamb profile

  1. I will advise you to login to your Jamb profile first @ https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  2. once you are fully logged in click on check admission status.

Jamb caps showing invalid credentials,email and password


Invalid credentials means that you are missing one thing either in your email or the password.

It means that you have type in what you are not supposed to type into the field meant for either password or email address

How to fix incorrect login credentials on Jamb caps portal

We hope you still have access to your email address? IF YES then continue reading. We also still hope you know your email address?

Now let’s do a recover options, recovery options is use to recover your lost password or use to reset your forgetton password

  • Lunch your browser and log onto jamb.org.ng/efacility/login
  • Carefully look for CLICK HERE TO RESET YOUR PASSWORDInvalid login credentials, email address, password jamb caps
  • Once you locate it click on it to open
  • They will demand you to enter your email address and date of birth to confirm its youInvalid login credentials
  • You will be sent a link in your email, click on that link to chose a new password.Invalid login credentials, email address, password jamb caps
  • Now enter a password that is strong and easily remembered and click on save.

You are done
how to accept admission on Jamb caps portal

check your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal now

check CAPS portal to see if other schools has offered you admission

click here to see when jamb will start giving admission

Resolve problem of invalid credentials here

Cross check if you have the correct password or not, also check your email address if it’s correct.
If you have done the above and you are still experiencing same problems try to Clear the catch of your browser.

At times your browser might be throwing past records to you, so it’s best to locate the settings of your browser and clear the history and the catch

Or simply make use of another device or browser to see if you are still having same issues

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6 thoughts on “Jamb caps show Not Admitted, invalid credentials,email and password/welcome”

  1. When is 2019/2020 jamb exams commence, am eager to now about it because am one of the registrared candidates

  2. My own is that i can login jamb.org.ng/efacility without any problems but if i login caps with will show invalid credentials and when i do login efacility caps will show only welcome

  3. Please my own I checked, it has shown me admission in progress, as of yesterday is up to two week yesterday, today I checked it again is showing me NOT ADMITTED. Pls what’s the problem.

  4. I was able to log in into my portal with my password and Gmail, but when I entered the same username nd password to jamb caps..it’s telling me invalid login credentials.pls what’s happening

  5. Pls am trying to log in to my jamb portal I enter my gmail address nd my gmail password but it saying invalid gmail address or incorrect password .I saw reset password I click but it not doing pls wat can I do

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