JAMB 2023/2024 Chemistry Questions and Answers

Jamb 2023/2024 Chemistry questions and answers for

The jamb 2023/2024 chemistry questions and answers is fast approaching.

This article will center purely on you can score high in the 2023/2024 jamb chemistry questions and answers.

How to study and understand chemistry for 2023/2024 jamb questions and answers


Jamb latest news today 2019/2020

Most people find it difficult to understand chemistry while reading, for this set of people once they read one or two lines they will get exhausted.

If you fall in this category then I have only one advice for you, only study chemistry before any other subject at least at this point you are still full of energy and the zeal to read.
Once you start reading, try as much as you can to break your reading, take a few 10 minutes walk around just to refresh your brain.

Jamb expo for chemistry is here now

The joint admission and Matriculation board JAMB chemistry questions and answers/real expo is here

if you need  jamb chemistry now

click here to get the live  jamb chemistry questions and answers now
or you can decode to go through the past questions below

Or you can chose to go through all jamb past questions and answers here

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Some key point to take into consideration while reading for jamb chemistry

Memorize your periodic table :
Chemistry periodic tables is a classification of all chemical elements into categories based on their structure. This was done my different notable scientists over the years.

as a chemistry student it’s important you have a perfect understanding of the periodic table

Key points here in jamb chemistry for 2023/2024

TRY as much as you can to know the direction of the mass, it’s a general knowledge that Atomic mass will always likely to increase towards your right (from left to right)

Apply Visualize techniques : try to visualize everything you have read so far on the periodic table.

Memorize your formula : just like mathematics chemistry has it own formula and with out you remembering the formula it will be difficult for you to solve any problem that involves a little calculation.
While reading your text books on Jamb chemistry 2023/2024 it’s necessary you read wisely, try ad much as you can you can to understand the pattern jamb uses to set their questions.

Why you should not depend on expo

  1. Not reliable :Expo or runs as you chose to call it are not reliable in jamb chemistry 2023/2024 , they might be reliable in other types of exam but with jamb, because a lot has changed over the past 3 years since the introduction of computer base testing..
  2. You might be Disappointed: You will definitely be disappointed, because once the expo master or your source couldn’t get the 2023/2024 chemistry questions answers there is nothing he can do again rather than send unverified or even past questions and answers from previous exams.
  3. You might be caught : jamb has made it clear that on no account must you bring any incrementing materials into the hall during the exams (jamb chemistry questions and answers for 2023/2024 ) . Once you fail to abide by the rules then you will be seriously dealt with.
  4. Security cameras : jamb has successfully mounted security cameras in all cbt centers located in Nigeria, so how are you going to bit those cameras without being caught? You see why you should not depend on expo on chemistry questions and answers for 2023/2024?
  5. You might be jailed :those who are of the habit of using expo even in jamb cbt are likely to face 7 years jail if caught and found guilty, please do everything within your power to avoid expo in chemistry questions and answers this year.
  6. You might be ban from jamb: jamb has made it clear to ban any candidate who indulge in malpractice, such a candidate won’t be able to register for future jamb exams. Once your finger print is ban then the scanner will reject it and won’t ever capture it again.
  7. Your result might be withheld :Each year jamb withheld a large number of candidates results whom they suspect might have indulge in one thing or the other that is against jamb.

Conclusion: I will advise you to avoid anything expo, don’t try it with jamb, it won’t work as no cbt owner will allow a candidate to give his center a bad name and reputation.
Jamb has made it clear that any center that connived with candidate to do any kind of malpractice will be blacklisted.

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