how to Do jamb change of course/institution 2023/2024

how to Do jamb change of course/institution 2023/2024|starting & closing Date |how to reprint jamb change of course slip

Ultimate Guide On Jamb Change Of Institution And Course For 2022/2023 : this article shall put you through on a step by step guide on how to successfully apply for jamb change of institution and course.

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I have seen a situation where candidates where asked to either change their course or institution to avoid losing their admission
Did you score low in the just concluded 2023/2024 jamb exams? Or you actually have a change of mind based on the previous course you chose?

Did you make any mistakes that needed urgent attention to correct? all this can be done through JAMB change of course and institution form.

With JAMB change of institution and course form you have a wide range of options on a number of institutions to choose just to increase your chance of securing admission comes 2022/2023.

Have it in mind that with a low JAMB score and given the rate at which admission seekers increase in numbers it will be a little difficult to get a competitive course.

Instead of fighting a tough battle why not opt for a university or polytechnic that will accept you or even a department that will open it door to you when they are considering applicants and aspirant for admission?

Jamb change of course form

Note: jamb change of course/institution is on

Reasons why you must change your institution and course right now


There multiple reasons why a candidate would want to purchase JAMB change of course form honestly the reasons are vast but we are going to point just few which are the majority.

You have a low jamb score:

from series of response we got from our comment box last year we identify low jamb score as one of the main reason why JAMB candidates opted for a change of course and institution form.

Most federal universities are known to have a very high General and departmental cut off mark, most set their general cut off mark at 200. It makes no sense writing their post UTME exams when they have already made their position known.

You Don’t Have The Right Subjects Combinations In Your O Level Results :

Traditional you need just 4 subjects to take JAMB but when it is time for post UTME screening exercise and Admission Screening subsequently you will be ask to provide 5 compulsory subjects.

Among these subjects the use of English Language is compulsory, while Mathematics is also a must in major courses, you will be left to choose other relevant 4 subjects to make it 5.

There are some candidates who because they don’t have Mathematics might opt to study courses like mass communication, English and literary studies etc just to escape Mathematics.

You made a mistake during jamb registration :

JAMB change of course and institution form is not only limited to just changes made in those two areas ; you can equally correct your names if any mistake was made there,your subject combination, your state of origin and lots more.

Please have it in mind that once you correct any mistake that is final.

Other minor changes :

at times you might decide to change your institution based on other reasons like distance, or you found out about another institution that has better learning environment.
Jamb change of course form gives you the opportunity to take care of all this minor issues.

We shall alert you when the jamb change of course forms and portal will be open for candidates who wish to change either their course or their institution or both.

How much is the jamb change to f course and institution form?

the form is sold at 2,500 naira only at partners bank nationwide.
once this form has been purchased you should head straight to any jamb accredited CBT Centres Nationwide to update your information on Jamb portal.

things to note before changing your course or institution

before you proceed to change your course or institution to any school of your choice :

  1. make sure that such am institution is accredited by jamb.
  2. Ensure that such institution is accredited to offer that course.
  3. cross check their departmental cut off mark.
  4. make sure you meet all Requirements and guidelines set by such an institution.

when will  jamb change of institution starts

immediately after the jamb exams comes to and end and with the release of all results, what comes up next is jamb change of institution and course, this period jamb normally opens their portal allowing candidates who have different interests to come forward to purchase the forms.

The portal will be open until towards when schools will start selling post utme forms. please click here to see the procedures to do jamb change of course and institution

Jamb Change Of Course And Correction Of Details

Apart from change of institution and courses you can do the following corrections :

  1. Name,
  2. Gender,
  3. State/LGA of Origin
  4. and Date Of Birth.

So if you made mistakes in your names, Date of birth etc, then this is the time you can correct those errors

Practical Guide on How to Change Course/Institution 2021/2022

make sure you are contacted to the Internet.

  • lunch your browser and login to your browser and login to
  • email and password will be requested from youemail and password will be requested from you
  • scroll down by your left and look for “Application for Correction of Data” and click on itscroll down by your left and look for
  • select what you intend to correct E.g Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Originselect what you intend to correct E.g Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin
  • Click on payment options which will take you to Remita payment systemClick on payment options which will take you to Remita payment system
  • input your card details, after you must have paid you will be granted access to edit whatever you wish to edit.

Video Guide on How to Change JAMB Course/Institution

SEE:jamb change of institution and course not reflecting

how to reprint jamb change of course/institution slip

How can i reprint my JAMB change of course and institution slip

  • First you have to log into jamb portal
  • Login to your profile with your password and username.
  • Scroll down to the correction page and click on print icon
  • When is Jamb change of course starting?
  • When will Jamb begin Change of institution for ?
  • Jamb change of course
  • is Jamb change of institution still on sale?
  • Jamb change of institution
  • Jamb change of course closing date
  • Change change of institution closing date for
  • Can I do change of institution after the deadline?

What Are The Requirements To Apply For Jamb change of Institution?

The requirements are listed below just go through them:

  1. You will be needing Your JAMB profile Email and Password
  2. You will still need your JAMB Registration Number
  3. Your jamb Phone Number used to register for JAMB
  4. JAMB profile code
  5. Money which should be 3500 naira.

How To Do JAMB Change Of Institution

  • Simply Walk into an accredited jamb CBT center or rather any of the jamb offices we have in any of the states in Nigeria and buy the JAMB Change of Institution Form. Thats where its sold.
  • You will need to Make Payment for this and it cost just N3,500
  • That done, you will need to Choose your Preferrable first choice, second, third, and fourth choice of Institution.
  • This should be entered into the form online accurately before you Submit it
  • You have to Thumbprint
  • The official attending to you will use your details you provided to make the necessary changes as demanded by you on. All this will be done on jamb portal.

How long does it take JAMB change of Institution to reflect?

Well from experience we have got, it takes from 24 hours to even a week to reflect. From what we have said above all you just have to do once you successfully requested for change of institution from jamb portal is to give it time for the changes made to reflect.

Although in some cases if the school you are trying to change have closed their portal then jamb will inform you on that.

How many times can I do change of institution?

We have seen people ask if they Can do change of institution 2 times? Yes of course you can do change of institution twice but not more than twice which means after you have change up to two times the window will be close.

Can I do change of Institution after accepting admission?

After you have been offered admission you can still apply for change of institution. So it’s possible to even transfer from one institution to another institution. Like from one state university to another state university or Polytechnic to another Polytechnic etc.
There is what is called Application for Transfer form which can be obtained from the school admission unit.

Can I do Change Of Institution After Post UTME?

We want to let you know that you have the choice to still change your institution at any point in time even when you have been offered admission to study or even if you have just written your post utme exams.

Can I change Institution after first year?

Yes you can change institution after your first year in school, you can also change from one department to another but there are criteria you have to meet before this request will be granted by the school.
All this transfer or changes of institution is possible through what is known as Application for Transfer form. Please not through jamb but through your school.

Can I do change of Institution Myself on my phone?

We won’t advise you to do that through your phone just go back to any jamb accredited centre and they will assist you with all the processes involved with a little token for service charges.

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