jamb approved banks/jamb accredited banks selling e-pin/forms 2023/2024

jamb approved banks/jamb accredited banks selling e-pin 2023/2024

After getting all necessary information about the 2023/2024 jamb and having found out that the registration is currently on, you ask your parents for the full money.

Probably you set out but the form having obtained the money, you dashed to some banks and you where told “sorry we don’t sell form” honestly you will feel bad.
Banks that sells jamb E pin
Countless times we have heard candidates ask which bank can i get the 2023/2024 jamb form?

I went to some banks to buy the E-Pin and they said they don’t have.

Since jamb selected some few banks to start selling jamb E-pin for 2023/2024 most candidates are finding it hard to locate this banks.

Dont worry today we are going to list some big banks around town or even in the remote places in Nigeria where you can get jamb E pin from.

I hope you have gotten your Jamb profile code? If not click here to get it now.

Now that you have successfully gotten your profile code, let’s give you a list of banks selling jamb forms nationwide.

jamb approved and accredited banks selling jamb E-pin


Like we just pointed out not all banks are eligible to sell jamb E pin, only a small number of banks has been authorized to sell.

We don’t actually know the reason but we believe soon other banks will be added to the program at least it will save stress in trying to locate banks that sells.

The list of banks are as follows:

  • Union Banks
  • Zenith Banks
  • Access Banks
  • CBT Centres
  • JAMB State Offices.
  • Nigerian Postal Agencies [NIPOST]

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jamb e-pin

The jamb E pin is a secret unique pin generated by jamb through their system, this E pin will allow candidates access the jamb registration page.

With out the E pin there is no way you can start your registration at any approved cbt centers.

How can i get my jamb E pin
Walk up to the listed bank above and ask the customer care representative or the cashier to direct you on where to obtain the form.

Do not transact with anybody outside the banking premises and always be vigilant as fraudsters are always known to hang around with aim of defrauding jamb candidates.

After getting the jamb E pin what next

Immediately you get your Jamb E pin, which will be generated by a system in the bank.

Quickly visit the nearest cbt center around you and start your registration.

Conclusion :
Please don’t patronize road side vendors, no cbt center are allowed to sell jamb E pin.

They are only allowed to register candidates and also to conduct the exams you are going to write.

If the banks are far from you, kindly locate the neared post office closer to you.

We will like to hear your opinion concerning the banks you bought your pin or forms.

How responsive are they, did you stand on the queue or you where attended to with the speed of light?

We will also like to know if they served you better or the they where rude to you.
All this will help us to write our next story and also from time to time we do invite jamb team to read most of our reviews by sending them links to a particular discussion.

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you will be

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