jamb 2021/2022 jamb profile login how to login with email @password /check your Jamb profile/want to log into your jamb profile?

jamb 2021/2022 jamb profile login how to login with email @password /check your Jamb profile

I want to log in to my 2021 jamb profile, how can i log into my jamb profile? In this article you shall not only learn how to log in but how to resolve major problems related to JAMB profile.


Since the inception of jamb profile there has been a lot of misunderstanding most jamb candidates have towards jamb profile login which i will like to address today.

Jamb profile login 2021/2022

Jamb profile login

  • Visit Jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  • Go to UTME profile page
  • Enter Jamb email address, password Registration Number
  • Click On login

That’s all

Most problems candidates are usually due to invalid credentials, invalid login which is usually due to the fact that most candidates in one way or the other forgot their login details.

On the other hand most candidates who created their profile using the ussd code option don’t know what their username and password are.

Which ever category you belong to don’t worry after reading this guide you will fully understand and be able to resolve any problems you encounter.

As most candidates are having difficulties Accessing their jamb profile due to invalid credentials or wrong username.

Most candidates are really confused as they don’t really know their password or username this and more we will address today

Jamb profile can be created in so many ways, you can create your Jamb profile through jamb portal and you can also create your JAMB profile through your mobile phone.

Recently jamb has introduced a an easier method which involves candidates creating a profile through ussd code.
All that is required of a candidate is just to send a code to a certain number.

Jamb profile login

Here is the procedure :
Send = names to 55019 on your mobile phone.

Most jamb candidates who created the jamb profile using the above method are stranded as they don’t really know their password or their username which is an important information needed to access their information on jamb portal.

What is my jamb profile username ? 2021

For those who create their jamb profile through the SMS option, your username is simply your email address.

What is my jamb profile password 2021

Your password is just the password you use to register you at the jamb accredited Center. Should in case you where not given a password please ask them to give you and jot it down in a safe place.

I want to log in to my 2021/2022 jamb profile

Those who has been asking how to log into their jamb profile show follow the steps we have outlined.

How to login to your Jamb profile 2021/2022

Please remember that your Jamb password remains what was given to you at your registration center and you are to use your email address as your username.

Now to login you have to perform the following functions :

  • Carefully enter your email address in the filed provided
  • Carefully also enter the password given to you at your accredited Center.

Please remember there is an option for you to retrieve your password should in case there is a need for that.

Problem most people encounter @ jamb profile login

Invalid login/ credentials : this simple means that either your email or password is incorrect and that you should provide the real one

Invalid username : this is self explanatory that is you entered the wrong email address.

How to retrieve your Jamb profile logins 2021/2022

If you receive the message that says invalid login or credentials just simply know that either your password or email is in correct.

If it’s the case of your password then you can recover it as long as you still have access to your email.

  • A space will appear for you to type in your recovery email address.
  • Finally Click on the reset button after which you have to check Your mail for a link to reset your password.

Why you should access your Jamb profile:

  1. Your Jamb profile is very important, with out it you can’t access your online profile with jamb and you will means out greatly.
  2. Even after jamb, your Jamb profile is still very useful as you will use it to fast track your admission process.
  3. When you finally get admitted it’s through the jamb profile that you can print out your admission letter.

How to check Your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal 2021/2022

Jamb profile is a very powerful tool like we have said, should in case you want to check Your admission status on JAMB Caps, i have written an interesting article about how to easily check your admission status now

Are you still having any difficulties in accessing your profile? If yes please share your problems with us and be rest assured of a positive response from our team.

We are dedicated to providing help to you at no cost. We don’t demand money from anyone at all as all our services is free of charge.

Finally don’t forget to share this information to your friends who are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram together we shall all make it.

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  1. Am having problem loggin on my jamb portal , and my email and password are both correct , and I was thinking maybe it is bcos jamb hasn’t sent me any message on my email , and I use yahoo mail to registered jamb , what should I do ?

  2. please sir, since after my jamb registration, i have been unable to log in to my jamb profile. please I need your help

  3. I hv tried several times to log in to my account but it says no.I tried to reset my password also the site didn’t allow me to do so.why?

    • Good Morning sir, whenever I try to login my jamb profile..Tho I forget my password so I when try to retrieved my password after putting my correct email and also my D.O.B Its kept showing me “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable even

  4. pls I did not see my jamb result and I attend it,jamb are telling me I did multiple registration I don’t know how come.this my registration number97481592dj

  5. Please I did not see my jamb result, I sent RESULT to 55019 the response I received is not good at all saying that invalid entrance into exam hall, I even browse it online still showing the same thing, I login into my profile to check still the same invalid entrance into exam hall which I don’t like! Please an please I need my result, please Sir/Ma

  6. I haven’t been able to seen my result…when I try to, using my registration number and email address they sent a message saying my result has been withheld pending to an upload of clarification required from me…please what can i do

  7. Dear listen to me,if u cannot see or check your jamb result,that means you didn’t thumb print,
    NOTE: YOU WERE TO THUMPRINT TWICE, BEFORE EXAMINATION AND AFTER EXAMINATION . what you have to do now is to visit jamb office for proper verification.

  8. can I change my email because I used yahoo email and I find it very difficult to access my jamb profile with my yahoo email but went for screening and return can I still change it I used the email that I used in registering on 2018 and register in 2019

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  10. I have been unable to login on my jamb portal.. And sir pls how can I do my change of name because there are some errors on my name

  11. I login there but they keep telling me to select the year, and when I click there, is only 2019 down to when jamb started I keep seeing,

  12. Pls help me,or any other way I can login there without them asking me to select the year I wrote my jamb?….. And I can’t recieve any information from jamb since I register mine

  13. Please I forgot my email and password so I created new one is it ok or is the one I use for jamb registration I will use to access it please I’m confuse

  14. I have a problem of invalid phone number during registration, which makes me not fit to complete my registration help. DE candidate 2021

  15. What can I do to complete my registration because I have this problem of invalid phone number during registration direct entry Candidate 2021/2022 jamb registration

  16. I haven’t see my jamb profile code after and have been deducted to much and still unable to received the code, please I need your help.

  17. Good day sir .I want to check and reprint my jamb mock slip for me to know my center and date and time I was ask to use www jamb.gov.ng/efacility.when I get there I was ask for my email and password I fill it with the correct details yet it said that invalid email address and password


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