How to retrieve your lost forgotten Jamb profile code 2023/2024

How to retrieve your lost forgotten Jamb profile code 2023/2024 – create a jamb profile confirmation code now

In my last article i shared an important information on how to successfully login to your Jamb profile.
But after writing that article we still found out that majority of jamb candidates have lost your Jamb profile code.

Some of the complaints we received are:
Sir please i have lost my jamb profile code.
how can i retrieve my jamb profile code
How Can i successfully retrieve my jamb profile code.
How Can i recover my jamb profile code.

Well all this questions are still the same but never worry am here to assist you in what ever way i can, just remain calm and read this article from A-Z you will discover how to retrieve or reactivate or even create your Jamb profile code.

what is jamb profile confirmation code 2023/2024


Jamb confirmation code

First we will love to define or explain what a jamb profile code is and why you need one now.

A jamb profile code is a unique number that jamb assigned to each candidate that want to register for jamb.

With out the jamb profile code you won’t be able to register or even buy the jamb E facility pin at the bank or at any accredited dealers nationwide.
As a candidate of the 2023/2024 you honestly must create or get your Jamb code now.

How to get a jamb profile code 2023/2024 ?

Jamb profile code

Now that you have made up your mind to get your new jamb profile code and continue with a smooth registration process.

Let’s give you a clear guide on how you can apply for a profile code using your mobile phone and which won’t take time.

To get your Jamb profile code you need to use your mobile phone number, please don’t use that of a friend.

  • Make sure you have at least 100 naira on your Sim card to perform this operation.
  • Jamb profile code
    Surname FirstName MiddleName as SMS from your phone number to 55019.
  • Tips : make sure your names are separated with just a single space
  • E.g John blessing seun
  • Then wait for like 2 means to receive your Jamb profile code

how to retrieve jamb profile password

Your Jamb profile password remains the password given to you at the cbt center where you registered your Jamb.

But if they are unable to give you your Jamb profile password then your next option is to retrieve it.

Note: to retrieve your profile password you only need to be in possession of your email address because jamb will send you the details there.
Click here to read the directive i gave here on how to retrieve your Jamb profile password.

how can i retrieve my lost jamb profile code

Should in case you forgot your Jamb profile code like a complaint we received from a jamb candidates which says “i forgot my jamb profile code”

  • Load your mtn, glo or airtel sim with just 100 but make sure it’ the same sim card you used for the registration
  • Retrieve your Jamb profile code
    Go to your message and type RESEND” and send it to 55019
  • A fee will be deducted from you and immediately you will receive your code.

how to get back jamb profile code

Getting back your Jamb profile code is still the same as retrieving your Jamb your lost or forgotten jamb profile code.

All you have to do is just to Follow my instructions above and you will be fine
RESEND” and send it to 55019

How to create a jamb profile code

Maybe you don’t have a profile code or you want to create a new profile code then follow this simple steps :

  • Make sure you have at least 100 naira credit.
  • Make use of your mobile number ( not that of friends)
  • Send Surname firstname Middlename to 55019.
  • A fee will be deducted from your mobile number.
  • You will receive your pin

Congratulations you now have a jamb profile code.

How to update your profile code for  jamb

Maybe you wrote jamb last year or probably you made a mistake on your names while sending it as SMS to 55019 then there is an option to rectify any mistake you might have made.

  • Make sure you have at least 100 naira airtime
  • Correct Surname FirstName MiddleName to 55019
  • E.g correct John amadi suen to 55019

After getting your Jamb profile code what next?

Candidates are confused about the next steps they are to take after receiving the jamb profile code, well now that you have successfully recovered or retrieve your lost or forgotten jamb profile code.

You should quickly visit the neared accredited jamb centers nearest to you and start your registration.

Note : it’s not compulsory to include your middle name but I will advise you to make it appear the way it is in your O level results, be it waec, neco or gce.
Please be careful not to fall into he hands of fraudsters, always cross check any information before making the final move.

I have other interesting articles that you might like to read that will boost your chances of getting 250+ in this year jamb

Quick links

Only make use of your mobile phone to perform any of this transaction.

Should in case you don’t have a mobile phone then you need to get a sim registered or use your parents phone number..
I believe by now all your profile code problems have been resolved? If not please specify your problems as regards your lost, forgotten Jamb profile code issues lets put head together and resolve this issue once and for all.

Remember again that you have to visit any accredited centers for your registration.

I will love you to do me a favor by Sharing this information on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

I will you all the best. Thanks
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  1. Raymond shola Samuel

    I have not seen my jamb results, trying to login in, telling me jamb jamb profile code not found

    1. Asimiyu Aishat Temitope

      I have not seen my jamb profile number ,trying to login in,telling me jamb profile code not found and the gsm number has already been used by another candidate on e-facility

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