biology jamb 2022 past questions and answers 2021/2022/2023 repeated questions

biology jamb past questions and answers 2021/2022/2023 repeated questions

In my last article i wrote about the importance of English language past questions and what jamb might set jamb cbt exams.

biology jamb past questions and answers

We are determined to keep you guys all prepared in the forthcoming 2022/2023 jamb exams. We know to some candidates it is their first time of taking this exams while some others they have experienced it before.Jamb

No matter which side you belong to its still important you go through past questions to be able to know the pattern jamb will come up with. click here to download biology jamb past questions

Why you should study biology past past questions and answers

  • With biology past questions you will understand how jamb set her questions
  • With biology past questions you won’t find it difficult to answer jamb questions
  • High mark is guaranteed with biology past questions.

Where can i get biology past questions and answers free of charge

We don’t charge for any materials we are sharing here, all we demand from you is to invite your friends who are also taking jamb next year here so he or she can enjoy all you have been benefiting from.

click here to download biology jamb past questions

Once you click the above link you will be taken to a pdf file where it’s stored. To download click on an arrow icon that point downward just above.

The only jamb expo you need for 2022/2023 jamb biology

The only jamb expo or runs you need is to study all jamb past questions and answers.

Jamb questions and answers is so powerful but the only down part of it is that it’s voluminous we understand that there is no much time on your side since the exams is fast approaching.

But honestly there is no alternative or short cut I jamb 2022/2023 as jamb has successfully blocked all means of cheating in the exam hall.

If anyone promises to give you answers before the exam starts, the question you should ask your self is “will the person be able o deliver” and “will they allow us to go in with phones ”

Jamb has changed over the years and they are determined to stop expo by any means and has vow to either blacklist candidates who is caught cheating

What will jamb 2022/2023 do to me if am caught cheating in biology ?

  1. Any candidate caught with materials in jamb biology that’s not allowed into the exam hall will be shown the door
  2. If the case is severe jamb can blacklist such candidate from taking future jamb.
  3. Jamb can withheld such a candidate result found cheating, when such a one check his or her result, it will be no result found.
  4. Such a candidate involve in malpractice can be arrested and jail, jail terms varies and has a minimum of 7 years.

With the point I listed above it becomes clear that the time of depending on expo has passed and it’s time for you to buckle and read your books

Click here to see Jamb English Language repeated questions


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