University of Ibadan postgraduate school fees 2023/2024 courses offered

University of Ibadan postgraduate school fees |courses offered |how much is UI current school fees

It has been on record that the vast majority of students who enrolled for admission in the university of Ibadan are postgraduate students,this made us to quickly compile this post to assist all those who might be interested in picking the form to have a clear picture of how much they will spend in terms of tuition fees.
Ui postgraduate school fees 2019/2020

In our last article we wrote on how to purchase the university of Ibadan postgraduate form , all necessary details and guidelines can be found here.

Before you proceed to pick the university of Ibadan postgraduate form it’s very important to know UI current school fees for the academic session. This will give you a clear guidance on how to plan ahead, allocate your scarce resources in an efficient way.

We are going to try our best to list all current school fees payable once you have secured admission into the prestigious university of Ibadan postgraduate school, although it’s going to be confusing because we have not compiled it in a tabular form but we promised to do that as soon as possible.

University Of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate Fees | African Students (Other Than ECOWAS & Cameroun)


UI PG Acceptance Fee :20,400

UI postgraduate School fees:120,000 -170,000 per session depending on department

Please note that some programmes pay as high as 400,000 – 500,000 Naira per session,

more information click here

UI postgraduate requirements 2023/2024

Before your application will be accepted and reviewed you need to meet the minimum requirements listed by the university of Ibadan senate, failure to stick to this requirement might force the institution to reject your application.

First you need to get a recommendation letter from the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.
Another set of requirement is largely due to your previous institution,your previous institution has to be recognized by the university of UI senate if you are not a graduate from UI.
For more details on the university of Ibadan Admission requirements please click here.

UI postgraduate school resumption date :

Immediately you have been offered admission into the University of Ibadan postgraduate school you need and must clear up all school fees for any of these programs. MBA, MBF, Executive MBA, MIPR, MGIS, MMP
MLS, MCS, MPDI, M.Inf.Sc., MSW, MPP, MPH,MCA, MEB, MAS, MAPA, M.Sc. Housing Dev.& Mgt. Master Degree in Humanitarian andRefugee Studies, MSS.
Remember that we have strived, done our best to provide you the actual figures.

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  1. Karinate Domoye

    1)When is the sale of UI PG 2019/2020 application form going to commence?

    2)When is 2019/2020 section going to start?

    3)can someone who has B.Sc in Public Administration go for Public and International Law for their PGS?

  2. I am a Cameroonian and i want to do my masters in the University of Ibadan. Precisely under the faculty of science and technology. Can someone help me out with the fee structure? Thanks

  3. When will the postgraduate diploma form be out and can I apply for PGD in agricultural and bio- environmental engineering with my HND cert? How much is the fee for PGD per semester

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