University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school application Form  – 2023/2024

University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school application Form –  admission requirements | (master’s, doctorate degree & postgraduate diploma program)

The university of Ibadan offers the best postgraduate program in Nigeria as at today. The institution postgraduate students is said to constitute about 40% of the total student enrolled into the institution every year. This shows that the university of Ibadan is highly regarded as the best amongst equal.

A survey was recently conducted by CareerBuilder and it shows that over 27 percent of employers of Labour are only ready to recruit applicants who have postgraduate degrees. If you want to have an edge over other applicants who turn up for an interview then you need to register today at the University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school.

University of Ibadan Postgraduate Programmes – Types of Admission 2023/2024


Full time Admission:

before you can undertake this program you should be unemployed or there should be an arrangement with the management of your organization to make out time for your studies. Please note that you will be asked to provide a prove for this.

Part- Time Admission:

Here applicant will be admitted on part time basis, applicant also need to make arrangements with the management of their organization as this will help prevent any dispute.

Admission as Occasional Students:

this is usually called a non degree program, it is made up of students who just want to undertake a particular program but will not be entitled to receive any degree or certificate from University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school.

University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school admission requirements  :

  • Before you can apply for any postgraduate program in the university of Ibadan it’s either you are a graduate of the institution or you graduate from a school that is recognized by the senate of the university of Ibadan.
  • University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school will only admit candidates who have been recommended by appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.
  • Admission into University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school is either through full time, part time or occasional.
  • Candidates with recognised Research Higher Degree in the relevant discipline may be admitted to the M.Phil or Ph.D. degree programmes

How to Obtain University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate Form  :

  • Interested applicants who wish to obtain the university of Ibadan postgraduate form can get the form @
  • The University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate Form is sold at 13,000 naira only ( for academic programmes).
  • Applicant who wish to apply for professional programmes will have to pay 18,000 naira.
  • Applicants who wish to apply for degree of Master and Postgraduate Diploma will have to pay another 3,000 naira for what is tagged test of proficiency in English Language.

To kick start your application process click here


University of Ibadan postgraduate program

  • Application is strictly online which means you won’t have to visit any office before you can apply, for payment details look carefully at the invoice, you can also pay @ GTB and Skye Bank Plc. Via E-channels
  • Properly scan your relevant credentials and upload it online.
  • Make sure your application is complete and correct, to speed up the process and also prevent any unnecessary delays.
  • You are allow to apply to any department of your choice.
  1. Letters of Recommendation: It is mandatory to fill and submit a letters of recommendation from your faculty members. This form can be downloaded online.
  2. Acknowledgement of Application: Your acknowledgement slip will be sent to your mail, you will also receive feedback and up to date information, progress of your application process.
  3. Transcripts/Certificates: We hope you have your transcripts with you? This transcripts are to be mailed to the school.

University of Ibadan (UI) Postgraduate school application opening and closing date :

The university of Ibadan postgraduate school application form usually start from January to April.

Please keep visiting this page for more update.

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    1. Pauline Olawumi

      I have been trying to fill the form but it not bring out option for masters degree program what should I do or is there any other link for it.

    2. I also tried to register yesterday is not showing MSc. Pls any response to it so far. 07039430785

  1. Adekojo Adedoyin Sunday

    when is the closing date for 2019/2020 Master Degree form sales in the University of Ibadan?

  2. Joseph K.Bemah

    I wish to received a positive response from the university , the international students link should be proactive in responding to the need of people who need speedy intervention for their admission process .
    I want to strongly remain the university international committee on students affairs to stress the of incoming students who don’t understanding.

    1. Please can anyone update me about when the next Application form for MSc in Unibadan will be out

    1. Adeoti Oyinlola

      Good day everyone… Pls is the 2019/20 PG form really out as stated by *Unite Promise* Pls no offence.
      I tried checking on that site given, it just wouldn’t load.
      Please any helpful update should be posted. I believe it will help everyone since we are all aiming at the same goal. God bless.

  3. Pls I graduated with a 3class in unilorin. Will I be Abel to the any diploma course in any of their science faculty and pls when will the form be out

  4. Oyewole Taiwo Jemimah

    Please when will the masters form close?
    I login and applied for pgd in education,when i got to where to generate invoice under the payment column was professional sale of master form 21000.And i didn’t apply for professional.
    Please am stock up what can i do?

    1. Please is it late in the year to apply for Phd program?
      I had less than 3.5/5.0 in my masters and above 3.5/5.0 in my bachelors. Do I have a chance?.
      Please assist. I shall appreciate it. Thank you

    2. Adeoti Oyinlola

      Hi Oyewole, since you said it’s not a professional application, maybe you should revisit the U.I Postgraduate admission guide, it should give you a link or rather send a complaint email to the school official website, you should be attended to. Good luck.

  5. Oyewole Taiwo Jemimah

    Please when will the masters form close?
    I login and applied for pgd in education,when i got to where to generate invoice under the payment column was professional sale of master form 21000.And i didn’t apply for professional.
    Please am stock up what can i do?
    Is pgde a professional course in ui?

  6. After payment what do i do… I haven’t been able to log in to upload any details since i paid. What do i do

    1. Adeoti Oyinlola

      I have been able to obtain the P.G form, pls does anyone knows when the request for transcript will be made? I have been checking my email box, but I haven’t gotten any information from the school since registration.
      Useful information will do please.
      For those who are yet to login and complete registration due to network issues, keep trying, your next trial might be the lucky one. It took me a while too before I could complete mine. Good luck to us all.

    2. Please how do I send my transcript to UI . I don’t know their mail address and what next after that ?

  7. Andeshwur Hosea Tenku

    I applied for master in Library, archival and Information Science but could continue with the payment because is showing professional master instead of academic master. What can i do?

  8. Please, we are finding it hard to log in and complete registration. It keeps returning back to the previous menu. How can this be solved,thanks

  9. Hello, please when will masters form for university of Ibadan be out, and can a person with an English language degree go for international relations as a course?

  10. For those asking when the form will close, the form sales may close temporarily on 28 August, 2019. Then sales of late form would commence. In fact late form will be available till mid – September. Those who asked if they can go for a Ph.D. With a 3.5/5.0 CGPA, check ur notification of result. There, your grade would be stated. Grades include: Ph.D, M.Phil/Ph.D., M.Phil, and Terminal. Whatever grade is stated in you M.Sc. notification qualifies you for what you will further onto. For those applying for MSc, it would be advisable you have a minimum of 2:1 from a recognised university. Or a 2:2 from no other place but UI. UI have preferential treatment for their graduates.
    If you’re not close to Ibadan, kindly generate your invoice and pay at the bank of ur choice e.g Union Bank. But I’ll advise that you generate your invoice and mail it to your trusted relatives close to UI to pay for you at UI Microfinance Bank. Payment at UI Microfinance Bank would guarantee you an itch-free registration. Shalom!

    1. Afolabi, Opeyemi

      Good morning sir, I finished from Tai Solarin university of education with 2.2 from political science department but wish to study my MBA program on part time scheme, I will appreciate if I could get details guides about the cost of the program and does the program run.
      E.g Like ABU Zaria do run there part time program lectures through e-learning and student write there semester exam on campus.
      Furthermore, student also pay per course study each semester which makes it so justifiable and easy for MBA students to avoid and meet up no matter the economy circumstances.
      Questionable, is UI MBA program goes as ABU. Thanks in anticipation

  11. Please I need response urgently.

    Which banks were approved by the university for payment of M.Sc form for the 2019/2020?

    Please help through your response. I’m waiting.

    1. Abosede Mofunlewi

      Good morning,
      Please , is UI’s postgraduate form out for sale? And if yes,when is it closing and how much is it please?
      Thank you

  12. Please can someone assist with PGD school fees and total amount for the whole period,with materials,PGD form fee and project.

  13. 1) what is the requirements of CGPA for post graduate(PROFESSIONAL) in radiation protection
    2) Can a third class join a post graduate masters in physics (professional)

  14. How can i know the date for Master entrance exam’s date (English Proficiency Test) for 2019/2020 academic session. please could you notify me

  15. How can i know the date for Master entrance exam’s date (English Proficiency Test) for 2019/2020 academic session. please notify me

  16. Ojechi Maria Chisom

    Good afternoon please when is the admission for masters in University of lbadan starting for 2021 and how much is the school fees for masters studies

  17. Adegboyega Aderonke Precious

    Please update me when UI master degree form for 2020/2021 is out and also the closing date, I’m still a serving Corp member. Thanks

  18. Adeyemo Hammed

    Please inform me when UI pgd 2020/2021 form is out
    You can contact me through my phone number

  19. Nzeakor Emmanuel

    Please I want to buy masters form for 2020/2021 session.
    But I want to when and the portal to use.
    Thank you

  20. please when is UI 2020/2021 form be out and the closing date, is Ui accepting lower credit from polytechnics for there admission. Thanks

  21. I am interested in University of Ibadan for PGD program, Environmental Health Science. pls when is admission form’s on sales? thanks

  22. Kwubiri Chidinma Sophia

    Good morning, please I finished my msc degree in microbiology in UI 2019. I have not collected my certificate. I want it to be sent to me. How do I go about the application?

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