OAU postgraduate school fees (form) 2023/2024 courses offered

OAU postgraduate school fees (form)  courses offered|Obafemi Awolowo university courses|admission requirements and form 

This article won’t be a quick read because we will be discussing OAU postgraduate Admission process and requirements , we will also discuss about OAU school fees and courses offered in OAU postgraduate school. As you can see it is 3 in one article.
OAU postgraduate school fees (form) 2019/2020 courses offered|Obafemi Awolowo university courses|admission requirements and form

OAU postgraduate school 2023/2024


OAU postgraduate school started operation around 1964 when the school first postgraduate activities kicked start in the department of pharmacy.

The Obafemi Awolowo university postgraduate program is singlehandedly handle by the postgraduate college inline with the rules and regulation established by the institution senate in conjunction with the postgraduate college board,which is just a committee that exists in the senate.

The head of the Obafemi Awolowo university postgraduate college is the provost, he sees to the day to day activities in the college. The sit of the provost is a political position that can be held by any individual from OAU senate committee.

As at today the Obafemi Awolowo university enrolled about 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) students every year, honestly this is very impressive and commendable. It will also interest you to know that OAU now offer postgraduate program in all faculties that exist in the institution as at today. See: OAU postgraduate accredited courses

OAU post graduate admissions requirements

Before you can apply for any postgraduate course in the Obafemi Awolowo university you should meet all requirements that has been put in place by the school senate:

  • First you need a bachelor degree in either Art, science, letters or philosophy. This should and must be obtain from a global institution that is recognized by the senate.
  • Interested applicants for masters degree needs to get at least second class lower (3:0) while applicant for MPhil should have at least second class upper.
  • MPhil or Master’s degree with research thesis in appropriate field and at least 60% (B+) weighted average in the Masters coursework for admission to Doctorate degree.

How to Apply for OAU postgraduate Admission

To start your application process you need to first get the online application form, complete the online form which should be submitted via the same link we are going to share here : APPLY NOW!!.

OAU postgraduate Admission starting and closing date :

The Obafemi Awolowo university postgraduate form is available around June. So you need to prepare your self ahead of time.

OAU postgraduate school fees

Before you started your application process we know that you will sure need to find out every details that one will incurred in OAU postgraduate school.
This section of the post will address all fees, tuition fee that you are likely to pay immediately you gain admission into the prestigious obafemi awolowo university postgraduate school.

OAU Postgraduate School Fees For All Programmes 

OAU Postgraduate School Fees For All Programmes


  1. PGD Programmes – 120,000
  2. Information Tech. Policy & Regu. – 250,000

iii. Electronics & Tele. Comm. – 400,000


  1. Architecture/MFA – 100,000
  2. LLM/MILR/M.ED/SOC.SCIENCE – 120,000

iii. MPA/M.SC./LG/MIR – 122,000

  1. Dental Health, Public Health – 160,000
  2. MGIS & Remote Sensing – 200,000
  3. Managerial Psy. Tech. Management – 170,000

vii. Telecom. Eng. Telecomm – 600,000

viii. Science & Env. Design & Mangement – 270,000

  1. MBA Regular – 150,000
  2. MBA Executive – 400,000


  1. Business Admin. & Accounting – 120,000
  2. Education, Arts, Soc. Sci. & Others in Admin – 120,000

iii. EDM – 120,000

  1. Dentistry – 130,000
  2. GIS & Remote Sensing – 180,000
  3. Science – 120,000

vii. Agric, Pharmacy, Tech – 130,000

viii. Clinical Sci. & Basic Medical – 150,000


  1. Business Administration and Accounting – 170,000
  2. Law, Arts, Educ. Social Sciences and Others in Administration – 200,000

iii. Science 2- 20,000

  1. Agric, Pharmacy, Tech and EDM – 220,000
  2. College of Health Science – 250,000

It is advisable you make adequate preparation on how to pay this fees immediately you secure an admission.

OAU postgraduate courses

We had to push the content into another page to avoid confusion. This list of courses we listed is very much and you need just little patience to read through.
Please use the link below to move over to the next page for the OAU postgraduate courses OAU postgraduate accredited courses

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    Does this apply to all persons,and what do they mean by coursework and Research programs..I ham applying for Masters in Pub Health.thanks

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