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Checking Your First/Second Choice School And Course Admission On Jamb Caps 

This article shall teach you how to know or check if your second choice or second most preferred institution has offered you admission.External candidates waec

Most admission seekers who just finished writing their post utme have been asking How do I check my second choice school and course admission status on Jamb caps admission portal?

As schools keep releasing their admission list most candidates are stranded because they really don’t know how to check which school has offered them admission.

This problem was compounded couple with the the myth that jamb only shows or display first choice and course or most preferred institution in jamb caps admission status portal.

Dont worry today we shall clear your doubts and explain everything to you in details.

how to login to JAMB CAPS


have you been having tough time logging into JAMB CAPS portal? If yes then this post will guide you through on how to login to JAMB CAPS portal where you can successfully Check your admission status.
Please have it in mind that before you can check your admission status on JAMB CAPS portal you must login to first.

  • Make use of a browser that guarantees you to browse heavy pages flawlessly with out interrupting you. example of this is Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • JAMB caps portal is located here http://caps.jamb.gov.ng so you have to click that link and you Will be redirected to JAMB CAPS portal where you will be asked to supply your username and password.
  • Supply the right information as stated above then click on login.
  • Then scroll down to check CAPS UTME/DE Admission status.
  • Click on UTME/DE Admission button to check and accept/reject your  status of admission.
  • If you have been offered admission you are going to see it here. If you have not been offered admission you will have to check back.

Jamb CAPS status messages you need to know right now

JAMB CAPS portal have some terminologies that you need to know right now. This terminologies will come up immediately you have inserted your JAMB registration number.

Now you will ask ” what are the messages am i to see in JAMB CAPS portal?” let’s show you instantly here right away.


This is the message all aspirant want to see on their dashboard. In fact if you see this message congratulations once more, you need no explanation on this. Just rush and print your JAMB admission letter immediately you have ACCEPTED your admission.


Recommended is not that bad as most aspirant view it although it means an opportunity exist in another school which you never applied for. It means that you might have already been considered for admission or you are about to be given admission in no distance time by another school that needs students to fill in some space that exist in some departments.


This message is seen by candidates who have neither been given admission or have neither been recommended by JAMB or institutions. It does not mean that you won’t be considered it simply means that at the time being you have not been considered yet. You have to wait a little.


Did you see this message? If yes don’t panic it simply means you might have been offered admission and it’s still in progress. Once everything is concluded you will be notified.


Approved is the best message that confirm that all your struggles to get admission has yielded fruits and its time for you to start getting ready to pay your acceptance fees, school fees etc..

  1. Note: if any institution be it University, polytechnic or college of education has given you admission don’t fail to ACCEPT it. If you have been offered a course you don’t really like or the school, you don’t like it based on one reason or the other the choice is still left for you to REJECT your admission.
  2. Please note that schools have a deadline on their admission processes you only need to ACCEPT your admission on time as this Will allow your school start the admission process on time.
  3. Finally note that candidates who has been offered admission are those who meet the institution requirements like cut off mark, JAMB score etc.

How to know if your second or first choice has offered you admission

Keep checking your first or second choice admission list : most schools release series of admission list, from 1st, 2nd to 3rd to even 4th admission list.

Just be patient and keep checking their lists as they come out, i will advise you to look for someone who is schools in this school to help you keep an eye on when a new list is released.

Most list are released silently with letting anyone know

those who only sat for first choice post utme exams

Due to distance, money to get a post utme forms or one thing or the other most candidates don’t take the post utme of their second choice.

This act will slim down their chances of getting admission that year under review.

If you fall under this category then be rest assured that only your first choice most preferred institution will offer you admission.

those who only sat for second choice post utme exams

If you only sat for your second choice or second most preferred institution, then be rest assured that your fate lies in your second choice institution.

Keep checking on Jamb admission status
Forget the myth that jamb will only update you concerning admission on your first choice of institution.
Once admission has been given it must surely display.

But most times it takes time for it to reflect properly, so just keep checking and hoping.

If you have any problems concerning checking your names on Jamb admission portal just use the comment box to alert us.

Our team is ever ready to assist you with our professional support and guidance.

how to accept admission on Jamb caps portal

check your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal now

check CAPS portal to see if other schools has offered you admission

click here to see when jamb will start giving admission

Resolve problem of invalid credentials here

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    1. Go to the CyberCafe where U register for JAMB, and request for the password he or she used…
      Anyway, for the main time, try 12345.
      Dat’s is the general password…

  1. Oamen Blessing Adesomon

    Good evening
    please my second choice university has given me admission on their school portal, but only my first choice is showing on my caps. Is it going to reflect on my caps when they finally give me the admission? Becos I’m scared… i only see the first choice institution there

  2. Please I can’t access my email on jamb website,I can’t be able to check anything if I put my email it will tell me that my email is not found in jamb ,I can’t understand it’s ready fustrating 🥺🥺

  3. Nwachukwu Emmanuel

    Please can I accept my first choice institution admission and wait for my second choice institution to release their admission list

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